How to Make Viral Videos on YouTube For Chanel to Become More Famous

By making viral videos on YouTube, it will make channels more popular and more widely known by the public.

In addition, it will also potentially get a lot of visitors and the number of subscriptions that will continue to grow.

By making videos viral, of course, YouTube's AdSense earnings are also increasing.

How to Make Viral Video

How to Make Viral Videos on YouTube

Based on the recognition of creator content, there are at least 6 ways to make viral videos on YouTube. The six methods are as follows:

1. Create Emotion Video

Be aware that the friend often clicks on a video because the title and the image are very emotional. Not even a few people finally happily reshared the video.

So the best way to get the video we created is to create videos that emotionally stimulate.

Emotional videos are of course many types, yes guys, ranging from angry, sad, touched, entertained, excited, sympathetic and others.

In addition to the contents of a video that can really arouse emotions, the title and video capture should not be underestimated.

Make video titles and images that can also be emotional, so many people who will be hypnotized want to see it.

2. Always Follow Trends in the Community

Make videos that are trending in the community. Even if possible, every time there are warm things discussed in the community.

That way, when many people search for this topic on the internet search engine, then our video will appear on the search.

3. Give Impressions That Are Very Attractive at the Beginning of Duration

Not a few people who make YouTube videos by playing first before entering the main discussion, whereas in the first duration this is very important.

This first duration can determine the attitude of the audience, to keep watching or switch to another Chanel.

Try the first time you meet someone, what you see the first time. Appearance or first impression isn't it?

Similarly, when you go to various public facilities, such as hotels or malls. In these places, it will definitely be made in such a way that the front of it looks very attractive.

This also applies to YouTube videos, therefore, do not waste the first duration.

Make a tempting impression, and make visitors curious in this section. That way visitors will continue to see the video until the end.

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4. Videos Must Have Value

Make a video that is unique and has its own character. Videos must also have a high value.

Make sure the uploaded videos have a positive value and give many benefits to its audience.

Especially when the video is also worth the worship, and it rewards the maker.

Whether it's in the form of interesting information, knowledge, even skills that are useful for them.

Don't upload videos that have negative values, just because you want to make viral videos and get lots of money.

Many negative content makers now regret their actions, because some of them have been caught in legal problems, such as the distribution of hoax videos and Sara.

5. Duration Is Not Too Long

When it's in front of the camera and talking, sometimes forgetting time. Until finally did not realize if the duration of the recorded video was already very long.

Avoid videos with too long duration, do the editing process for the final results so that the video is more comfortable to see.

Some people who don't like YouTube videos are too long, most people prefer the short duration of the video but it's clearly the way to deliver it, like a tweet on Twitter.

The duration of a good and ideal YouTube video is between 6-8 minutes, except for documentation videos or tutorials that require the longer duration.

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6. Can Stand at National Television Programs

Lately, there are not a few videos on YouTube that are used as references, including references to national television media.

YouTube users are widespread throughout the archipelago, even the world. Make anyone able to take video references easily for certain video themes.

If one of the videos from Chanel friend manages to become a reference on one of the national television shows, of course, the opportunity for your video channels to be known to the public is very wide open.

And of course, many people are curious and want to visit channels that you have and have the potential to become viral.

Therefore, make a quality video that makes many people interested and does not hesitate to share it.

Now that's a number of ways that can be done to make YouTube videos viral. If you have questions, please discuss through the comments column.


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