The Ideal Way to Get Ideas for Writing

Get Ideas for Writing

Getting ideas for writing material is easy. But it's not as easy as turning the surface of the coin lying on the table. This work can even be very difficult for those who are not used to.

Those who live with the work of words assembled, such as poetry writers, fiction, novels, scripts, music, and even bloggers, are very dependent on the discovery of this idea. For those who are accustomed, surely they already have their own way when they are looking for ideas.

Because the job of finding ideas is not the same for everyone. I have several poetical friends with a series of books produced. On average they find ideas from personal experiences and people who confide in him.

By knowing the whole story, he can get a bright light to write. But this method is not generally accepted. There were also those who, despite being a place to shed many stories, was unable to write even a single sentence.

I will not ask everyone to agree with what will be written in this article. But hopefully it can give an idea, how can that idea be obtained. Here are some of them:

1. Finding Stories

If you are the type of person who doesn't have many stories. We recommend that you often look for stories. Anything. It can be from fiction books to scientific works. That means to start looking for ideas, you already have the will and reading habits.
Because a good writer is also a good reader.
There are several methods you can use to find stories. Which must be considered, you understand what you are facing. Take in the story and look for interest. Develop the idea far from the original story.

Read the Book

Yan Lianke, a fictional novelist from China in 2012, received an Independent Foreign Fiction Prize (IFFP) nomination for his work 'Dream of Ding Village'. This prestigious event of novelists has produced many amazing works.

Yan was inspired to write a novel set in the AIDS epidemic that once destroyed China. The AIDS Epidemic has been widely reported in scientific journals. One of them is Paul Volberding's report on the 'Global HIV / AIDS Medicine' in 2008.

The method that Yan Lianke carried out can be taken to find ideas. Thanks to the habit of reading and the proximity of the story to him, be an amazing novel. Works in each book sometimes open up space for other ideas. So read more often.

The current power of social media should be easier. I am sure, there are new habits that we unknowingly shape our daily lives until they become habits. Wake up and before going to bed at night that we look at is most likely a gadget.

The social media has become a great magnet. Will always want us to know what is happening in Indonesia and even the world. By following the development of both social media, online media, newspapers and magazines, eventually, new ideas will emerge to write.

If the writing you want to create has found a common theme, for example, technology, then the development of technology should not be missed. Maybe about the story of a robot that will soon be a substitute for humans in work or others.

Watching movies

Because I am a film lover, then one of the channels is looking for ideas through films. I will always adjust the spectacle to the concept of the writing being worked on. Although sometimes, there are films that accidentally provide new ideas.

Popular writers with popular market segments should also take part in crowded movies. There is a special experience when you get a story idea from a film. Our imagination will develop better. Although to sharpen the best through reading books.

Hearing Music

Besides giving peace in its own way, music can also bring ideas. If you understand the storyline in one song, it will be easier to get an idea. Because sometimes the song actually touches everyone's feelings accidentally.

I once wrote a piece of poetry which was then borrowed without permission from someone on Facebook. The poem was created after hearing Calum Scott's song 'You Are The Reason'. I was only inspired by the word 'reason' to make poetry that was far from the impression of creating a work.

Even songs can give birth to new works. I don't need to say, because in Indonesia this will not even be the body's finger to trace it. So much.

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2. Based on Experience

The writing idea from that experience is really exciting. Whether it comes from one's own experience or from someone else. As I mentioned above, there are people who often become places to accommodate stories. If this can be used it will be something extraordinary.

The stories of others conveyed to us do not need to be written in detail to point the cursor at the person concerned. Quite an outline of the story and obscure all of his identities. Like Pidi Baiq who successfully wrote the 1990 Dilan.

Writing ideas from this experience can come in many versions. One of them is by regularly observing people. For example, you have neighbors who have the habit of going in and out in the morning and night at exactly the same hour. Or just meet someone on the street with unique habits.

When observing people, try to dare to ask many things. Acquaintances and invite him to speak as a stranger. Ask all the things you want to know. For example, what do you like? What do you eat? etc.

Getting ideas based on this experience is often the key to journalists making work. Those with great curiosity mastery will always question something. One thing that should not be missed when you get an idea from experience, namely to record it.

I was often squatting on the toilet when the idea struck. Because of lack of preparation, it came out of the mark, the idea was run aground as well. So it's best if you really intend to search for writing ideas, always prepare stationery, at least a gadget.

For those who intend to become creative writers, they will have a short story. Do not also underestimate gathering with fellow writers. Their experience will greatly help create ideas. As with bloggers, it's good to have frequent sharing of experiences. That way there will be many ideas.

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3. Freestyle

Once again, the idea sometimes comes just like that. There are thousands of ways for people to look for ideas. Like reading people's comments on a blog asking questions A, it can take us to answer it but in a more complete version. An article.

Some visit random sites and finally meet an interesting story. Try experimenting with anything. For example Google. Try typing one word that you think is interesting, then there are thousands to millions of ideas perfectly presented.

One night ago. A writer and I were sitting waiting for the rain with a cold coffee glass. In the midst of the hectic coffee shop, we built story ideas from randomly selected elements.

One by one our words is written alternately. Until finally challenging each other with their chosen words. I first got a turn to make rhymes with five different words for five paragraphs.

Somehow, the idea came into its own. I finally actually completed the word game in a work. Even though it's only to be kept alone. Unlike the case of Dee Lestari who later made this game more meaningful. He gave birth to the Coffee Philosophy only from word games.

So the idea can be obtained with a more freestyle. Everyone has their own method. Just how it can be positive. Bad ideas also often burst. That is why it is very important to channel this idea with people who remain.

The key to creating ideas is reading. Then execute it with research. Sometimes we also need to pause to refresh the brain. Don't overload it. The same thing, keep learning. Including studying what segment of readers will later enjoy our writing.

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