The Result of Quipped Ericko Lim, Reasons Reza Oktovian to Close His Youtube Channel??

Reza Oktavian Arap known as a Youtuber made a surprising decision. He closed his Youtube channel, Rapyourbae. Even though the channel actually has a lot of subscribers.

In his Instagram stories, Reza Arap stated that he deleted his Youtube channel, and wanted to focus on real life. But many people argue that the reason is not that simple.

Many people suspect this is the aftermath of his dispute with Youtuber Ericko Lim. Even Ericko had the chance to upload a song on his channel which was clearly dissenting Arap.

The single was titled No Sm: (Le Zone M.RO. This single itself became the number 1 trending on Youtube Indonesia with 59,000 comments and almost 2 million viewers when this news was revealed.

After the single was released, Arap also uploaded some Insta Stories which revealed that he no longer needed Youtube and intended to delete the channel.

Of course, this was originally only thought of by Reza Arap. Until finally what he said really happened. You will not be able to access the Rapyourbae channel again on Youtube.

For those of you who don't know, Reza Arab is one of the first Indonesian Gaming Youtuber and with the largest subscribers. More than 2 million people have subscribed to the channel and are a milestone in the development of Channel Youtube Gaming in Indonesia.

Why did Reza Arab then close the Youtube channel? The beginning was because one of the Indonesian Youtuber Ericko Lim had a private chat with Reza asking Reza to come and attend one of the biggest events, Youtube Rewind Indonesia.

Ericko asked Reza to open the Youtube Rewind. But the response from Reza himself was very bitter.  Feeling unappreciated, Ericko Lim immediately made a song intended to satire Reza Octovian.

Does this song cause Reza to delete the YouTube channel? In the video uploaded by Michael Show, Ericko tried to argue that the song was not the cause of Reza removing his Youtube channel.

" I think it's just a sweet revenge. I feel not appreciated, so I make that song. Simultaneously when he released his new album, "said Ericko.

Furthermore, Ericko said that it was impossible for Reza to feel sidelined to immediately delete the Youtubenya channel. And Ericko Lim gave a defense.

" You is not ever said in class, constantly suddenly you said at the time he was immediately not to go to school again kept one whom ?," said Ericko

He continued that many people blamed him for Reza Arap closing his private Youtube channel.

"The time at diss once closed the channel immediately,, then you want to blame me . I didn't say Arap blamed us ,"  he said.


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