What is the difference between immature and mature?

Mature or Immature Blogger?

What is the Mature blogger? A person who goes through the stages or process of development has reached the level of maturity or maturity in the mindset and behavior related to his routine as a blogger, while immature blogger is the opposite.

No blogger reaches their maturity without going through the stages or maturation process. Like a butterfly, before becoming an adult must go through the cocoon and imitation phase.

Indeed, it will feel the difference when you first learn. There is an error, making a mistake or wrong that is certain and usually happens. What else? all need time and the process remains a process. Step it up? please skip as much as possible.

As the seconds change minutes, minutes change hours, change days and so on from week to week, month and year to year, bloggers who wrestle their world with earnestness gradually and perhaps unwittingly by him will pass the maturation process.

Mature or Immature Blogger

How to find out who is an adult blogger, still in process or not yet mature?

1. Blogging is not just about money/money oriented 

Mature bloggers are aware of the reality that the world of blogging is not always able to give what they want or what they hope for. They blog because they want to do it without any motive or special reason behind it. Immature bloggers tend to be the opposite, motivated by what they can get from the internet, overshadowed by fame and success that awaits them in the future, attending awards events where everyone witnesses sharing success stories followed by a lively applause from the audience. Then at the end of the event, share free books.

2. Promoting blogger ethics when blogwalking

A blogger's maturity is also evident when blogwalking and how to participate in the comments column. Appropriately in responding to a reading, it does not seem to be overbearing and certainly does not spam.

Conversely, either because it is still in the process of maturity or still childish, just the participation of the participants, leaving only a trail of blog promotion. His interest is not natural to a reading.

Although basically, bloggers know the difference between natural or just mode, usually still agreed as long as it's not spamming comments. Let others judge.

3. Prioritizing the quality of words in the article

Do not hesitate to delete a few words in the article because they are aware of not the most important words but how high the words are used. In addition, they write to please readers rather than search engines.

For those who are adults the number of vocabulary is not so important, writing is adapted to their abilities. If you want you can actually but they stop at a certain amount, 400, 500 or 700 words are enough which are important in quality.

While immature bloggers are still enthusiastic about writing contents for their hearts, search engines. Measure the repentance of readers with articles that can be up to five thousand words in length or even more. Force the webpage or blog to appear full.

4. Not always fixated on the blog overview

Mature regular bloggers forget to see visitor statistics. Even if you remember, once or twice a day is more than enough and even then if you have time, if not? check later also doesn't matter to him. Generally, they are not always fixated on the blog overview.

Unlike the case, if it comes many times a day, the difference is thin with the name hooked. Visitor traffic dropped, posting new articles. Still down too? posting again. Again and again, keep on doing that until finally vent.

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5. Pray, try and patiently wait

A new blog for corn, the number of articles 5 mixed niche, unique visitor zero, the title statistics are "Up and Down", there are pages that are still empty too, then list Adsense, be advised to read articles about blogs and money. The reply, "Terr..laa..lu! Don't worry about advertising, take time to write content".

Can it be called an adult? oh ... it can't ... adult loggers don't just wait for three or six months but yearly. The three supplies he brought from the real world were prayer, effort, and patience.

6. Not obsessed with black hat SEO

Adult bloggers are not so obsessed with what is called SEO, especially black hat SEO, but rather put forward Webmaster Guidelines according to Google's instructions.

Conversely, immature bloggers are still learning practices or ways that seem to want to fool Google's search engine, which is actually made by the world's best experts, even though it's not 100% or completely perfect because so far no one has claimed it.

7. Thinking about the future of your blog/web

Mature bloggers tend to think about the future of the blog or website they built, fill it with long-term articles, weigh what to do and what not to do. As much as possible avoid practices that could threaten the survival of the blog or website in the future.

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Immature blogger certainly doesn't think like that, do anything to reach its vision. If the blog is blocked, it can still create a new one. It hasn't occurred to him what is the future of the blog or what will happen later but what happens then happens without thinking.

8. Upholding sportsmanship / fair play

Are there templates with auto-generated content? so you don't have to bother copy and paste again. Maybe there is also something like this, these successful blogger ads can make thousands of dollars a month, I just click on the ad thousands of times to get banned all at once, or is there anyone thinking of breaking someone else's wifi password?

That kind of thing never crossed the minds of adult bloggers because the mindset was ripe and reflected in action. They are competitive in competition, not cheating let alone take something that is not their right, "No! Stealing is wrong".

9. It's not so worrying about the appearance of the blog 

The appearance of a blog isn't that important even though it makes it look good too, but just as necessary. Those who are mature are not very worried about the appearance of the blog but prefer the function and quality of the design because not only how it looks, but how effective it is.

10. Adult bloggers dare to say honestly

Only adult bloggers dare to say honestly. No matter how bitter or as bad as the conditions they will face they will still say honestly because honesty will give birth to trust.

Finally, the author is fully aware and acknowledges that I am not an adult myself as a blogger because this blog post still adapts some articles belonging to other bloggers, still thinking that someday a blog can make money, often see statistics and still need a lot of learning, adding insight and experience. How are you?

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Behind the maturity of a blogger, there is a process that inevitably must be lived and will be passed. When the time comes, the process will guide the steps and mindset of a person to become a better person, fully mature as a blogger.

On paper being an adult blogger is easy, but its implementation cannot be ascertained yet. Prayer, effort, and patience are the keys.

Thank you for reading our article. Does this article help? Voice your opinion in the comment session ... :)


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