What is the Process of Hurricane Irma/Typhoon/Hurricane/Tropical Cyclone?

What is the Process of Hurricane Irma/Typhoon/Hurricane/Tropical Cyclone?
Hurricane is a tropical cyclone storm that commonly occurs in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with wind speeds of> 75 mph. This cyclone is a low-pressure center and brings stormy weather and heavy rainfall. Where the wind blows hard towards the center in a circular direction.

Hurricane Irma

Cyclones are formed and become large above the ocean which then moves ashore. Generally high temperatures that develop over the warm Pacific Ocean, starting in May and beyond. Because the temperature continues to rise, a low-pressure area is formed above the ocean east of the Philippines. At the same time, warm air from the south meets cold air from the north. The wind starts to blow to the center of low pressure. Where the wind starts to move in a spiral with a counterclockwise direction. Once formed, the storm moves west towards the Philippines. With winds moving as fast as 120-200 km per hour, this typhoon causes great damage to human property. This storm can take the form of a tornado that has very high speed. To be able to form this tropical cyclone storm,

  • The temperature of the warmth of the ocean (> 80 degrees F) with a minimum depth of 60 m.
  • Very small or no transverse wind.
  • Air pressure is very small, especially at 5 degrees North and South latitude.
  • There is rotation caused by wind.

Generally, hurricanes have a low pressure center where the wind blows very hard to the center in a counter-clockwise direction. There are speeds that reach 50 m / sec. When the wind blows up and out from the central area, a giant rain cloud forms. Cumulonimbus clouds are so high that it will cause very heavy rain. At the center of the storm, there was a weak wind area and cracked clouds. Where the air flowed down and the front side of the hurricane was covered in thick clouds and the back side of the cloud was more fragmented. If the hurricane is finished, the weather will be bright again.

Staying for a few days the wind will still blow hard. The most dangerous when a hurricane is occurring is when the tide wave rises. Then it will have the potential to cause massive flooding that enters the land. This combination of disaster will be very dangerous for human life.

The last few weeks the world is busy talking about Irma. Yes, right, the Irma is not the name of a beautiful girl selling uduk rice in the Cilandak area, which is usually the Bacadulu.News team hanging out, but the name of the Hurricane yesterday crashed into Florida America. We review how the great Irma emerges.

Hurricane Irma was first seen as a tropical disturbance off the coast of the Cape Verde Islands in late August, before an Atlantic storm that was heading for the Caribbean and the US.

Hurricanes are often also called tropical cyclones. It is an extreme weather disturbance in the atmosphere and specifically affects the earth's surface. Symptoms of a normal occurrence begins with strong winds that appear together with lightning, lightning, or lightning. In addition, the rain that fell heavily and continuously accompanied by the wind and ice that fell also are some of the symptoms that can be watched.

Storms are formed when there is a low air pressure in the middle of a high-pressure area.

The combination of these two opposing forces produces a vortex of wind that can form a cumulonimbus cloud. Clouds that form above sea level move in the direction of the wind at a speed of about 20 km / hr. However, when it reaches land, the cloud carries a strong wind with a force of up to 250 km / h and has the potential to damage anything in front of it.

Storms that sweep an area can endanger the safety of life and property. Heavy rains accompanied by winds can lead to catastrophic flooding which has left dozens of houses damaged and access to transportation hampered. In addition, lightning and lightning can potentially trigger fires and electrical disturbances and communication waves. In general, storms have a large impact both materially and non-materially.

Well, already acquainted with the powerful Hurricane Irma.


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