7 Ways to Smartly Write Quality Articles Like Readers

How to Write Quality SEO Articles - Creating articles that are really good in the eyes of the reader is an ability that must be trained continuously.

You can't write quality articles with a single trial, need habits, experience, and preparation so that what is conveyed is right on target.

in the world of blogging ...

To write interesting articles does not have to be guided by good writing rules in Indonesian language material.

but how do we present writing that is interesting, nice to read from the side of word preparation, the form of writing and how well the article is understood.

the most important thing we do is how to make each article look readable from the reader and the search engine side. that's the main goal.

A great feeling if we have a lot of things to put into the worksheet and want to write it immediately.

but only a few lines write down the idea, my friend realizes that my friend does not have enough ideas and materials to write them immediately.

it looks stupid if you keep imposing it.

because the material that we will pour into the writing can be chaotic and confuse the reader.

if you have trouble writing every blog article, then in this article I will teach you how to write quality articles that are good and good to read ...

Listen well and immediately apply it to the blog.

How to Write Quality Articles and SEO Friendly

Many have talked about creating SEO content and quality is not easy ...

how do we write the article to be able to become pillar content that can bring many visitors to the blog?

below I will teach 7 professional tips on writing articles that are usually done by successful bloggers out there.

if you are able to do it well, it's not impossible that your blog will become a blog that has high authority from the readers and search engines.

Are you ready for pro tips today?

1. Make Articles Rich in Information

For tips on how to write articles, the first is to write rich information.

One of the big mistakes for beginner bloggers to start writing content is not having enough material.

As a result, the article produced has very little information and is not worth reading.

the mistake I still commonly find is...

... the article produced has very few lines of writing and does not talk about many things.

This is very regrettable because visitors to the blog will feel disappointed and immediately move to another blog.

but don't worry.

it all happens to almost everyone because they don't have preparation for writing SEO-quality articles

First, you have to have clear ideas and materials about what to talk about.

then decide what you want to serve so that the reader can get results from what you wrote earlier.

after that start focusing and thinking.

the way I usually do to create quality articles is to always write it simple first before making sure the content is published.

remember that you have unlimited time to edit the article so that it becomes a really good article to read.

you can add or reduce writing that is not good at will so that the idea is truly conveyed clearly.

then when all is done, try to position yourself as a visitor, whether the article you have written can be understood easily or not.

always remember that my friend has unlimited time to break the text of the article until it's really ready to be published.

2. Using a Short Sentence Structure

Long and complicated sentence structures may be very impressive for Indonesian language teachers when you are writing scientific papers.

Beautiful and highly recommended if you are making an Indonesian language assignment.

but that is not needed if you are writing articles for your favorite blog.

When making an article and you have a long and complicated language structure, stop for a moment to string words that are short and easy to read.

compare the writing line rules

try to compare the writing line rules in the picture above.

which one is more comfortable and comfortable to read.

I'm sure you will choose image B.

one of the reasons why the bounce rate is high is that many readers are not satisfied reading solid text structures.

uncomfortable and immediately leave without opening some other articles.

because at this time we must recognize that most prospective visitors will come through smartphones.
a small gadget screen plus a long and complicated sentence structure will make visitors uncomfortable.

it is different if visitors who come using a computer PC, they will just accept it.

so the conclusion is.

A series of short but clear words ...

... set the spaces in the article so that they are not too tight and specify a font that is comfortable to read for smartphone users.

3. Writing Clear and Specific Articles

The next way to write quality articles is to clarify what we are discussing in the article ...

It is important for you to write articles that are clear and easy to understand.

Always remember the background of prospective visitors to make it easier for you to write ...

that is the importance of knowing the target reader.

For example ...

if your niche blog about recipes cooking recipes.

then make sure the friend's style communicates with the writing using a simple language style.

because I'm sure the article reader target is a housewife.

if possible, use various variations of supporting images so that their intentions and objectives are clearer.

as we know that housewives want something that is fast and easy to understand.

Likewise, on the contrary, if the target reader is a person with a good educational background, then you have to adjust the communication style according to his ability.

4. Don't Repeat Discussion

When you are ready to write articles and feel you have enough material to put on the worksheet, do not go directly to the core discussion

it doesn't matter if you want to summarize the writing if it feels it's long enough.

but to start a good writing, then beforehand explain some other discussions that have high relevance to the title that will be taken.

for example...

If you want to explain  "How to get backlinks from Wikipedia".

then for a start, try first to discuss SEO off page related to what is backlink.

explain a little about the quality of the Wikipedia website and why we have to install a backlink to Wikipedia.

If you feel everything is clear enough.

then we enter the core of the discussion about how to get backlinks from the Wikipedia.

give a complete tutorial along with supporting image to make it easier for the reader.

that's just an example.

so, whatever my friend will write and discuss in the article, never repeat the discussion described above.

using theory and materials that have a high level of relevance with the main title will make it easier for us to compile articles.

5. Limiting Yourself When Writing

Sometimes when we are in front of a laptop and writing articles.

buddy will enter the zone where you want to keep writing, writing, writing, and keep writing.

when all that has ever happened to you, then the process will be fun because ideas and ideas keep flowing in your head.

Everything flows by itself and continuously you pour it into a blog worksheet.

because basically, for those who have a hobby of writing that writing even something that is very pleasant.

Even though this is a good thing because that's how quality articles are created, you have to be sure that what you write remains in the shutter of the topic to be discussed.

If in one topic the title creates several kinds of topic fragments that are off track from the main discussion...

.... I suggest you edit it and break it into smaller pieces.

Maybe the section can edit and add friends.

schedule to publish it later so we as bloggers will not run out of discussion later.

That's the best way to overcome what we write out of the discussion.

What's more, if the article is valuable and will provide more benefits to loyal readers of the blog.

is an advantage for us because there will be many readers who like it.

But if later you realize that what you are writing is a waste of nonsense, then throw it away and do not continue.

I realize that to make articles is an activity that takes time and energy.

but always remember that to create a quality blog, it cannot be separated from the foundation of the article that has good quality in the eyes of the reader.

6. Writing Articles with Simple Indonesian Language Style

When I write, I am sure that the article I made will be read by various backgrounds and types of age levels.

Buddy knows for yourself if you see the entire contents of this blog from various types of titles that I write that ivory green blogs take a niche about the internet.

more about blogger and some articles about simple tutorials.

Therefore, by realizing this, I always use a simple language that the reader must understand without reciting it from above.

if you use Indonesian style that is too complicated to understand, then I'm sure your target visitors are only a few groups.

and you have missed a great opportunity to embrace all visitors in various circles and backgrounds.

so use simple language so that the meaning of each article published can be conveyed in its entirety.

7. Edit Precautions Before Publishing

The final step to creating quality content is to edit the text in a focused and careful manner.

Not everything you write with complete discussion material is worth reading, so make sure you always check the writing again.

what should be noticed before you post an article.

Reread your article from top to end, check the spelling of the article (maybe something is wrong), the flow of the discussion, make sure the entire article is readable.
Readable is writing that is clear in terms of language, avoiding spelling errors, and clear lines
delete anything that might not fit the overall topic, remember what your writing must be useful and useful for the reader.

Professional tips from me are

In order for articles that you write to be a quality article, try editing and when writing articles is not done at the same time.

it's okay if you just sit back and read the text again, but try to write after giving the mind space to rest.

do other entertaining things like watching videos or laying down for a while.

when you force yourself to do editing and writing simultaneously, chances are the results are not optimal.

there may be some unrelated sentences because maybe our brain is too tired.

but if the editing of the article is done in a different time, then some other relevant ideas about the title will come.

it's an advantage for you to complete the article so that it becomes truly quality content and liked by visitors.

ok until here is 7 points above one of them has been done.

just calm down, to produce good writing cannot be done at one time.

need training and have to write often, the more often you write, the better the article will be produced.

maybe if you have several ways to write better quality articles and SEO aside from the points above, just write it in the comments column.

because I as a blog writer is just a beginner who is also still learning to perfect how to make every content that I publish comfortable to read.

so many of my discussions today that hopefully are easier to understand.

happy article writing and happy blogging


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