Tips for a Blogger Beginner in Bringing in many Visitor

How to Increase Blog or Website Traffic Quickly

Tips for a Blogger Beginner in bringing in many Visitor - Many bloggers think of backlinks but do not think about writing quality. There are some friends ask me, using what backlink service !!! During my blog, I have never thought of backlinks because if our blog has many visitors and one of them is a blogger writer then it is possible that person will take some of our articles and provide links to the source of the article (This is what makes my blog links where).

Here are some early stages when first was built, How to Increase Visitor blog!!

1. Buy Top Level Domain (TLD)

Creating blog names and blog addresses is easy to Remember. The words in the blog address greatly affect the Visitor because your site address will be remembered when visitors feel comfortable with the articles you serve. Shorter word in blog address is better but we have to check it to sites that sell Domain whether the address of the site that we make available or not. If available please set and immediately you buy a domain that matches your blog. The first time I purchased a Domain was at home.

2. Use Premium Templates and Do not Free

The initial stage of creating a blog with a Premium template is mandatory you do so that the article you post is not useless. Many advantages Template Premium, if you want to know the difference please ask on the homepage google, there are many provided the material. With Premium templates then your posts more quickly detect and can compete on the Google homepage. If you use a free one I can make sure as good as any posts you will be hard to compete on the Google homepage.

3. Editing Blogger Template and listing to blog to Webmaster

Please use the Premium template you buy with reasonable (No need to use many Widgets). Use widgets as needed such as Popular Post, Recent Post, and Blog Label. With a little widget then loading your blog will be fast and much preferred by visitors. To register your blog to the webmaster please you visit here and for how to register please you search on google banya sites that make the tutorial. Create your blog 100% SEO by reading this article.

4. Create an article every day at least one article

At this stage, many beginner bloggers do not continue blogging because running out of writing ideas. Just like when I first pursue writing on this blog cannot do that. Commitment to writing is the key for you to do blog writing every day. Just like when you work in a company, you are required to enter and work within the time specified by Company Regulations. A blogger was obliged to make these provisions by creating a schedule to write blog articles. That way you will get used to doing it just like when you work.

5. Specify Title and Content of the article in order to compete and PageOne on the Google homepage

Here the questioned barked beginner bloggers because they are averagely confused how to create an SEO article (Search Engine Optimization) is what. I actually never learned about SEO but I try to learn how to compete with blog/web that perched on Google PageOne. After I learned it turns out if we want to move the blog then our blog should be more complete and more vocabulary and keywords. Google in addition to reading the title of the article also read the contents of the article so you must create a complete article and multiply the vocabulary.

To create a correct title is the way you position yourself on the Google homepage to search for articles. What will you write that will be the title of the article and give extra in order to be more unique. And for images to beautify the required article is necessary and even if it's a Tutorial article then complete with images even if only using screenshots (drawings you need to rename and adjust the title of the article).

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How to Check Responsive Blog or Website Template

How to Check Responsive Blog or Website Templates? it may be a question that comes to you who want to know responsive blog template. Responsive blog or website is a template that can be accessed by all devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, mini-books, laptops, and desktops.

By having a responsive site view it will facilitate visitors in accessing our site. Lately, responsive templates are considered very important because the need for faster internet must be supported with a blog or website that is responsive to be accessible by all devices, of course, more SEO.

Nowadays a lot of template providers offer responsive blogs ranging from premium and free, you can start getting a responsive template with keywords "Responsive template SEO friendly fast loading" then you will be shown some cool template with SEO and responsive features inside.
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Confused Keyword Determination? It's How to Get the Best Keyword

Understanding Domain And Subdomain And Examples

Best Free VPN for Android 2019

How to Check Responsive Blog or Website Template

To check responsive template is not difficult, such as by shrinking your browser display, if it looks perfect then the template is responsive, like this:

Responsive Mobile Friendly Templates Tools

But for more details, you can check responsive with the help of an online tool that will display your blog page with all devices, follow the following tutorial:

Step One: Visit the site first here http://ami.responsivedesign. is/ 

Step Two: Please enter your blog URL in the "See your site responsive" field and click "Go!" As shown below:

Responsive Mobile-Friendly Templates

Wait for loading, and see the results. courtesy of Pena Indigo as below:

Responsive Blog Review

How easy is not it? now you can start how to check responsive templates easily and quickly. and the above tools are widely used by template sellers to provide screenshots of their responsive template works.

Similarly, short information about How to Know Responsive Blog or Website may be useful and good luck.

Understanding Domain And Subdomain And Examples

Understanding Domain And Subdomain And ExamplesUnderstanding domains and subdomains as well as examples. You who often access the internet to search for various kinds of information may already know what Domain name is like. But do you already know what domain functions and what kinds of domains? For that yuk ... let us understand together the explanation in this paper.

A. Domain Definition

In the world of IT in question Domain is a unique name given to the server / IP address, so that server / IP address can be identified by the Internet network. One of the domain functions is to simplify the user network computer or internet when accessing a web server, besides that domain also useful to facilitate user remember the name of server accessed so that user does not have to remember a number of IP address server.

Domain names are often referred to as URLs if you search for information on the internet and visit a website that presents an information you can see an example of a domain address in the web browser address bar you are using. If someone wants to create a website, then the domain name is very necessary. Examples of domain names such as "", dots are called "dots", and "com" is one type of domain. 

Understanding Domain And Subdomain

Then is it a subdomain? A subdomain is a part of the primary domain name. That is, the subdomain is the domain name that is the primary domain, so it's like this: "subdomain.namawebsite.domain". Subdomains generally used to divide a website into several parts.

And what is a TLD (Top Level Domain)? Top Level Domain is the last word or part of a domain. TLD itself is divided into two types such as ccTLD (Country-Specific Top Level Domain), and gTLD (General Top Level Domain). ccTLD is a Top Level domain based on a country code, whereas gTLD is a common or commonly used Top Level domain, so it can be said that gTLD can be used by anyone. One of the TLD functions is to identify the elements contained in a website, such as whether the website is owned by the government, institutions, schools, companies, or private property.

B. Some Examples of Top Level Domains

Some examples of ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domains), such as below:
  • .id - for websites that exist in the country of Indonesia.

  • .us - for websites that exist in an American country.

  • .uk - for websites in the UK.

  • .cn - for existing websites in China.

  • .my - for websites located in Malaysia.

  • .ca - for websites located in the state of Canada.

  • .au - for websites in Australia.

  • .jp - for existing websites in Japan.

  • .in - for websites that exist in the country of India.

  • .ru - for existing websites in Russian countries.

  • .sg - for websites located in Singapore.

  • .th - for existing websites in Thailand.

  • .nl - for websites in the Netherlands.

  • .fr - for existing websites in Francis country.

  • .fi - for websites in Finnish country.

  • .mm - for existing websites in Myanmar country.

  • .la - for existing websites in Laos country.

Some examples of gTLD (General Top Level Domain), such as below:

  • .com - Commercial abbreviations can be used for websites that have various purposes or purposes, starting for personal websites, companies, even to the online business.

  • .edu - Education abbreviation, can be used for educational websites, such as school websites, universities, or other educational institutions.

  • .net - Network abbreviation, actually almost like .com, can be used for personal to the company, but more appropriate for website related to the world of IT or network.

  • .org - Organization abbreviation can be used for websites of organizations, institutions, and so on.

  • .biz - Business abbreviation, can be used for business website, can actually be used for anything, but more suitable for a website about business.

  • .info - Information abbreviation, is suitable for websites containing various information.

Some examples of domains that exist in Indonesia, such as:

  • - this type can be used for the website of the commercial organization, business entity, and so on. Of course, when will use it there are certain policies and regulations.

  • - This type is generally used for college or academic websites. Of course, when will use it there are certain policies and regulations.

  • - This type is more accurately used for the organization's website. Of course, when will use it there are certain policies and regulations.

  • .id - This type is used for the purposes of school website and of course when will use it there are certain policies and regulations.

  • - This type is used for government agencies, and Of course when will use it there are certain policies or regulations.

  • - This type can be used for the purposes of a personal website or it could be an organization or institution. Of course, when will use it there are certain policies and regulations.

C. Conclusion

From the above explanation, it can be concluded the intended domain name is a unique name given to the server so that the server can be identified on the Internet network. While the subdomain is a part name of the main domain. Then the intended TLD (Top Level Domain) is the word/name/ last part of a domain. The types of domains are ccTLD and gTLD, ccTLD is the Top Level domain by country, for example: .id Indonesia, .us America, .uk UK and others. While gTLD is a Top Level domain common to use, Examples such as .com, .net, .biz and others.

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Confused Keyword Determination? It's How to Get the Best Keyword


Confused Keyword Determination? It's How to Get the Best Keyword - SEO is how you place the right keywords for your article or website. Not infrequently, people just know about SEO, but do not understand how to find good keywords for their articles. In fact, without the right keywords, SEO will only be a wasted thing. Therefore, determining the right keywords is mandatory and should be included as a top priority in creating an article or building a website.

Many people are confused in determining keywords, whether it's because of technical problems or maybe because of something else. Do not let that happen to you.

How to determine good and perfect keywords? Of course, you can not read the minds of others to find out what people are looking for in cyberspace. Therefore, the need for a system to find the right keywords where the keyword will eventually lead to your audience.

Here are some guideline questions you need to follow to determine the right keywords for all the online content you create and distribute.

Have you searched for a reliable keyword source?

Having a reliable keyword source is the most important thing. Because we can not guess what keywords will be used by others. Google AdWords, for example, gives us data about what keywords are used by most people. However, do not just rely on it, you can also use some free tools like Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, or other tools that are able to provide a view of the keywords for your content.

Sometimes you need to target keyword phrase with 1,000 searches per month. However, as often as possible, you should avoid competition with other websites. Therefore, it's good you choose keywords with the number of searches that is not too big, but also not too little. You can also follow our standards in the, with more than 50 but less than 30,000 searches. The limits include a reasonable and effective way to get good results from SEO.

How relevant are the phrases you use?

Not funny when you choose the keyword phrase that is not relevant to your content. Just because the keyword is more selected, you then follow the keyword. For example, you want to enter the keyword "e-commerce". A keyword is arguably too broad. For that, you need to specify by using phrases that are still relevant. For example, "best e-commerce" or "best e-commerce outfit".

In addition, do not forget to provide natural keywords, which match what you write, not forced. Also, note the correct spelling to ensure that the keyword is indeed readable by search engines.

Do you buy this keyword phrase through paid search?

Getting traffic is easy. One of them is to use services paid search. Many large companies are using paid search services to bypass the SEO research process. Besides being more effective, the traffic you get is also faster up. However, of course, there is a fee you have to pay.

However, you are not prohibited to use paid search services. Combine that with a good SEO strategy to support the stability of traffic. Thus, the upgraded ranking will stay on top, but you can also save on paid search costs by stopping paying when your site ranking has gone up.

Where is your keyword phrase ranking?

Before you start creating content, there's no harm in knowing how your topic is. Whether the topic is able to get into the top 10 or even away from 199. Use tools like Web CEO, BrightEdge, and SEOmoz to get ranking data. Thus, you do not need to waste time searching for an effective keyword phrase.

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How often do your pages mention the keyword phrase you choose?

You can write many details and topics for content. However, make sure that your keyword phrase enters the content. Do not get just one or two repetitions of your content.

Although keyword phrase density is debatable today, your top priority is to place that keyword into a natural, non-forced sentence. As a default, the Writer.ID team typically includes keyword phrase targets in every 150-200 words. Thus, the emergence of a keyword phrase is not too dense and still seem natural.

How much traffic comes in using the keyword phrase?

When you log into web analytics, you may get many keyword data. Find out ranging from keywords used to enter your website to internal search. For example, you find people looking for the best "e-commerce" more often on your website, whereas your keyword has "popular e-commerce" or "tips for being the best e-commerce". Based on data from the analytics, create a new keyword phrase that is more suitable.

What similar keywords also go to your website?

Usually, there are similar keywords can go to your website. This could happen because some keywords that you unconsciously enter or maybe keywords that are still associated with the keywords sought. For example, you targeted the keyword "best laptop", while the entry is "best laptop store". For that, create a new page that contains similar keywords to take advantage of this.

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Is there a call to action on the page?

Always give the call to action (CTA) on every page you create. This is to ensure your goal of creating content. What do you offer? What should they do? Give something definite so your audience will understand where your article will take you. Is the goal to be converted into an offer or wants to increase traffic by sharing it with their peers? It depends on you defining the CTA on the page.

Is the inbound link on the page?

If there is an article that is relevant to your new article, give the link page on your new page. The goal is to increase the likelihood of higher search engine rankings. Do not forget to include the link to the keyword phrase that is the same as the destination link. For example, your new article "how to use Google AdSense" has the same phrase as the "Google AdSense benefits" article. Give a link to the phrase so that the audience can proceed to your goal article.

Will the keyword phrase be suitable for future content?

Do not be limited to current usage only. Keep the keywords that you specify can still be used or at least still you can associate with the topics that will be published on your website. The goal is to see if the same keywords you can develop into new keywords with different topics. For that, it needs a mature content planning so you can predict or at least measure how your keyword performs.

Does this phrase keyword go to your domain name?

To further maximize SEO, it helps you to find keywords that are still relevant or at least go into your domain name. Typically, Google will prioritize content that has the same domain name as the keyword.

That's how you determine the right and perfect keywords for your content. Is the keyword phrase perfect? Be sure to have the right keyword phrase and perfect for SEO implementation is not in vain so you get quite large traffic and well converted.

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Best Free VPN for Android 2019

The Best Free VPN for Android 2019 - It's annoying that someone reads the newspaper from behind your shoulders, but how often do you stop and try to think about how many people are watching what you're accessing on the internet? Traveling from home is another story, but once you start surfing while you're on the go, your vulnerability goes straight to the clouds.
Free VPN for Android 2019

As with everything in this virtual world, cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate and one of the latest developments is their ability to disguise malicious programs/malware as legitimate software. This also applies equally to the world of VPN services. So before we dive into the waters filled with ferocious sharks, do a little research and make sure the VPN you have chosen is exactly what they say in the ad or the information they provide.

Free VPNs are getting more sophisticated which means consumers have more options before finally being forced to pay other paid options. However, if you want speed, security, customer service and cover all the added perks, it will be useful to look at our top VPNs for Android - they may not be free but they offer the latest, most affordable encryption. However, in this free world, there are still many VPNs offering their packages at competitive prices for Android users.

List of the Best Android VPN Free

1. Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN is one of the most popular VPN apps with 87,287 downloads. The VPN also provides a premium version (paid). For free version there is a limit of 2GB with a speed of about 512kbit / s Premium version comes with no limit of speed and also more choice of servers from various countries. Hideman does not have a free version log policy, log policy is only for paid subscribers. Hideman deletes logs after 14 days for free users.

2. Finch Free VPN

Finch VPN is a  VPN application. You can use it to open sites that are blocked by ISPs from government policies, keep your browsing private, and more. The free version gives you a limit of up to 3GB. Pro version up to 25GB while for premium version there is no limit (unlimited). Finch VPN includes support for OpenVPN, application firewalls, and more. Finch VPN also does not have a log policy. This is a great middle-of-the-road option for those of you who need something simple.

3. F-Secure Freedome

VPN F-Secure Freedome VPN is one of the long-standing VPN apps on Google Play. F-Secure successfully remains a popular app with the latest update updates. F-Secure does not display the account and there is no login using the account. F-Secure does not want to know who users are using it. The VPN also comes with a lightweight built-in antivirus. Stylish interface. There is a premium version, just adding some extra features and bandwidth and the price is quite reasonable too, cheap.

4. Betternet Free VPN

Betternet is one of the VPN famous applications you deserve to try. It has no logging policy. We know many other VPN applications using logs. For speed quite quickly. Betternet maintains the free version by displaying ads within it. There's a premium version too. They are very transparent about how they make money and their policies. It's refreshing. It also features a simple one-touch interface. This is a good starting point as far as the VPN app is concerned.

5. OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect is one of the most popular free VPNs available on Android used for free internet. OpenVPN is also open source which is always added to security applications. But using OpenVPN Connect requires a little knowledge in order to operate with the maximum. You can do things like creating a .ovpn profile, import and export configuration. This VPN also uses PolarSSL, this is good enough for security while browsing. If you intend to really learn the ins and outs of VPNs, this app is a good choice. Please note that you must create and set up your own OpenVPN server to use this application.

6. Opera Free VPN

Opera Free VPN is the latest VPN application among other VPNs. Opera Free VPN offers a free service. The app also comes with some exciting features, including ad blocker, five server locations, and the ability to show the level of security of Wi-Fi networks.

7. SpeedVPN

SpeedVPN is one of the rare free VPN apps. This one has unique features. This will boot you from the network after 60 minutes. You can update or reconnect as needed. SpeedVPN Apliaski is a good choice, simple and free.

8. SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN is one of the most striking VPN apps among other VPN apps. SurfEasy is also the same developer as Opera with a free VPN server. This application has many desired features. In addition, SurfEasy is one of several VPNs that actually have additional features for those who want to download torrents (paid).

9. Robot VPN

The VPN robot is also one of the newest VPN apps among other VPNs. This VPN can do all the things you might expect. There are more than 6 country servers to choose from. You can also choose the fastest server if needed. It does not require a username, login, or account. This one application is completely free with no in-app purchases or subscriptions.

10. VPN Master

VPN Master is one of the new VPN apps on Google Play. You can connect and hide traffic from everyone. It has several countries to choose from. There is a free version that lets you check the service. The paid version is also quite affordable. To be honest, there is not much to talk about with this one. Simple, cheap, and good results.

As with any software, the destination will determine the choice and it is no different than the VPN. If you do a lot of torrenting, you will choose a different service if you are a fanatic user of a WiFi hotspot. Similarly, if you do not mind taking risks but want to reduce costs, you will be looking for a quite different VPN from someone who wants privacy when working in their online banking. In the end, it's all up to the user and you'll find a VPN that fits your needs and limitations.

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Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms

BlogBoosters - Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms, Blogger is an easy-to-use blogging platform to start your first blog. The following user-friendly features make it easy to add content to make Blogger successfully connect many customers. However, for some users, the features Blogger offers are not enough. Many of them then migrate Blogger to WordPress.

Advantages of Wordpress

Perhaps many bloggers who choose Blogspot or in building blogs for free. I do not think there's a problem with that if you just want to blog. But if you want to look more pro and ease in customization, in my opinion, would be much more profitable when using script with your own hosting.

Why WordPress?

The reason is simple. offers more flexibility than Blogger, both from the side view, feature completeness, even SEO. Read more, here are some of the main advantages of WordPress versus Blogger.

• Display

Blogspot has a limited theme and wallpaper. WordPress has thousands of themes as well as a variety of widgets to make your website more interesting.

• Control Website

If you use WordPress Hosting website, you can move freely in setting the website. You can set whatever you want.

• Easy Management

Basically, WordPress has the convenience and convenience in managing the website through the dashboard Admin Area that has been provided.

• Plugins with Additional Features

If you use WordPress, you will get the convenience of doing anything with plugins. Suppose you want to improve the security of WordPress or create a website with the builder. Everything can be easily done.

• Faster Website Access

All HTML Blogspot files are in one place. While in WordPress there are various database files. So when accessing more quickly, certain files called by the browser instantly appear without loading entire HTML files.

• WordPress has anti-spam

Spammers are one of those problems that often bother me. Lots of spammers who use special software to make fake comments to link their site to the comment page. I do not know your opinion, but in my opinion, better no comments in my article from the comments came from spammers.

To overcome these spammers, WordPress also provides a free plugin called Akismet. The function of these plugins is to hold all spam comments sent to our blog. How to install Akismet plugins is very easy, and requires registration for its use.

• Tagging

WordPress also features a tagging facility that aims so that we can insert tags with keywords related to the article created. These tags will certainly make your site more easily recognizable by search engines and help our site SEO.

• Multiple Authors

This is one of my favorite WordPress features. We can add authors on WordPress blogs easily and practically without worrying about the security of our site. As can be seen at, this blog currently has 3 authors with different usernames. Two other authors can log in and post the article but have no control over the blog.

• Can block visitors from certain IP

I once blocked some IP after finding the visitor from the IP is doing SPAM through the comment page. This is another advantage of, in addition to being able to withstand spam comments in the spam box, we can also block IP spammers from being able to access our site in the future.

• We can see site visitors

You must be curious to know where visitors to your site? Installing google analytics is one way to know the data about our site visitors, and for that, you must create a google analytics account and insert google analytics script into your WordPress blog. But there are also plugins that can help to see the origin of our site visitors. By installing plugins named Who's Online, we can see who and where our web visitors come from.

• Very Easy To Use

WordPress is perfect for beginner level because the user does not need an expert in coding and PHP script to optimize CMS WordPress. In addition to creating a blog, WordPress can also be used to create various types of websites with attractive appearance and features, such as online stores, corporate websites, web profiles, and more. However, WordPress is not for all types of websites.

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Actually, there are many advantages of WordPress than any other platform that I can not write in this post. In my opinion, having a WordPress website with your own hosting will be more profitable, in addition to looking more professional, you can also make your brand better known. If you have any other additions or different opinions, please post them in the comments section.

The Secrets of Optimizing Google AdSense CPC Value

Adsense Low CPC

The Secrets of Optimizing Google AdSense CPC ValueTo get a fixed income every month from Google Adsense is not an easy thing, need to struggle, hard work so you can get the most out of Google Adsense if maximum income then you most likely can receive regular income from Google Adsense every month.

In general, the method used Google Adsense is CPC (Cost per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) means you will get a commission or will be paid if Google Adsense ads that you put on your blog get clicks from visitors to your blog, alone is greatly influenced by the number of visitors to your blog and also the CPC value of the ads concerned.

Regardless of the number of advertising and ad layout, in fact, to increase Google Adsense revenue there are 2 factors that determine, the first is the number of visitors or blog visitors and the second is the CPC value.

Because of the many Google Adsense publishers who complain about the value of CPC is very small and never go up, then on this occasion, I would love to share tips on how to optimize CPC google AdSense value that you can try, so your Adsense revenue can be maximized.

A. Why Is Your Google Adsense CPC Value Small?

For the CPC problem of the Google concerned does not explain it in detail, Google does not explain how efforts to increase the CPC? and Google also never explain why CPC value is small, what I describe the possibility of small CPC value sourced from some bloggers who have experience in Adsense world are as follows:

1: Quality Content of Origin and lack of quality

The main factor why your CPC Adsense value is small is the quality of the perfunctory content, less quality so that less satisfied blog visitors, most likely google record every visitor activity, when dwelling time or time spent visitors in one of your articles long enough it can be interpreted the article is qualified and may affect your CPC Adsense value, but not otherwise.

2: The existence of a Click bomb on your Adsense Ads

Bom clicks for some cases sometimes occur, Adsense can already anticipation, in case of click bomb then Adsense engine will run smart pricing system automatically by way of minimizing the value of CPC ads concerned, small and smaller.

3: Non Organic source of visitors

The number of visitors who come from non-organic or visitors who come not from google search such as from social media like facebook, twitter, google + and other social media can be indicated by cheating that you ask others to visit your blog to click on ads, besides can cause invalid traffic on Google Adsense which impacted cut your Adsense earnings, non organic traffic also allegedly can cause CPC value your Adsense ads shrink.

Non-organic Visitor can come because you spread your blog links either manually or automatically to some social media, or email, if done automatically with the help of 3rd party tools may still be tolerated but if you do it manually let alone excessively then very potentially banned your Adsense account, so be careful.

 4: Irrelevant Ads

The next reason why the value of a small ad CPC is Advertisement is irrelevant to the content of the article discussed. it is also not clear how the technique of calculation but some experienced publishers mention this is one factor CPC value for the relevant ads will be very small.

B. How to Secure Google Adsense CPC Value?

I often get information in the form of a direct complaint from some bloggers my acquaintance why CPC Google Adsense value that he has very small, Indonesian blogs but his CPC value is no more even sometimes less than $ 0.05,

Of course the value for CPC Indonesia I think is small and is below normal, because of my other friend, for the same topic produces a CPC value of at least 0.1x $ and an average of 0.12 $ is sometimes way above that, I think big enough, is not it!

So what about the secret so that the CPC value for Indonesian blog to optimal?

To get the optimal CPC value (at least> = 0.1x $) for Indonesian language blog there are some things you can try as follows:

1: Serve really good Quality Content

Quality content is the content of articles that really intended for the end of your blog is not a search engine even though in it you can just put on page SEO optimization so that the article is easily found in search engine results.

Content is actually said to be of quality if it is very informative, making a satisfied reader without having to search for other sources for the topic being discussed.

To create quality content you can describe the topic in detail, at length, so that at least can generate word count = 1000 words and above it will be very good, also serve content with clear sub-subtitle so that the article navigation becomes better, the article with subtitles will be able to make the article not boring and can help readers look for the parts they are interested in to the point.

The lengthy article will increase the dwell time so that it will be able to increase the authority of the relevant articles so that it will be considered a quality article in the eyes of Google search engine not only can cause the article to be prioritized to find the best position but can increase the value of CPC ads Adsense on the article.

If you experience the same CPC value of your small AdSense account, please check back about what the content of the blog article you are presenting, is it arbitrary or maybe the information is very short and the number of words is small?

2: Build organic traffic to your blog as much as possible

Organic traffic is traffic generated by visitors or blog visitors who come purely sourced from a google search engine.

It is actually a lot of factors that affect the size of the CPC, I once discussed with a blogger as well as publisher Google Adsense, for the affairs of the visitor he was able to bring or attract visitors to his blog to 20,000 visitors or visitors in just 6 months.

But he himself admitted that even though his visitors have tens of thousands, his Adsense revenue is still minimal, he complained the cause is very small CPC value, below 0.05 $. even blog top-level domain almost did not proceed or want to in non-switch it because less produce and want to switch to affiliate marketing which is arguably pretty she said.

Inquired to have a visitor's survey was mostly dominated by non-organic visitors, most of his visitors are sourced from social media, and the way he gets so many visitor traffic is by share each article to some social media that already has many followers or like.

the conclusion turned out non organic traffic really can reduce the value of CPC, and this I also experienced myself, a few months I never integrate one of my blog with Facebook, I make facebook fan page then I install widget like facebook box on the blog page I, a few months indeed the blog is able to bring traffic from social media facebook, but I was surprised because the day CPC Adsense value is getting smaller almost below $ 0.05% even an average of $ 0.04 only.

When I read in some forums finally I realized that there is something wrong with what I do is about sharing to social media, I finally dislodged my Facebook facebook widget from my blog and I removed the fan page. and it is true that CPC values are starting to creep up again.

C. Conclusion

Actually a lot of factors that can affect your Google Adsense revenue, but Adsense itself never explain it in detail, in general tips for success in Google Adsense we can get from references of bloggers who have experienced in across the world google Adsense, hopefully, articles about The Secrets of Optimizing Google AdSense CPC Value is helpful.

How to Insert Meta Keywords in Blogger

Actually, search engines no longer use meta keywords as one of the determinants of rankings.

But for my friend who still wants to install meta keywords in blogger, below is the tutorial.

There are two types of meta keywords that can be used in blogger. The first is automatic meta keywords and the second is a 
manual meta keyword.

How to insert automatic meta keywords

If you use the way below, keywords in the meta keywords will automatically pick up from the blog title and also the title of the post.

1. Login to and go to your blog dashboard.

2. Click the "Template"

3. Click "Edit HTML"

4. Put the code below just below the code <head>:

<b:if cond='data:blog.homepageUrl == data:blog.url'><meta expr:content='data:blog.title' name='keywords'/></b:if>    
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'><meta

Automatic Meta Keywords

expr:content='data:blog.pageName' name='keywords'/></b:if>

5. When you're done, click "Save template"

How to insert manual meta keywords 

Meta keywords manual means you have to manually enter keywords in the meta keywords code.

1. Login to and go to your blog dashboard.

2. Click the "Template"

3. Click "Edit HTML"

4. Put the code below just below the code <head>:

<b:if cond='data:blog.homepageUrl == data:blog.url'>
 <meta content='Katakunci1, Katakunci1, Katakunci1' name='keywords'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
 <meta content='Katakunci2, Katakunci2, Katakunci2' name='keywords'/>

  • Replace Keyword1 with keywords for the front page of your blog

  • Replace Keyword2 with keywords for blog post page 

 5. When you're done, click "Save template"

That's roughly an easy tutorial and do not use complicated about how to insert meta keywords on Hopefully useful.

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How to Boost Blog or Website Traffic Quickly

Increase traffic blog

How to Boost Blog or Website Traffic Quickly - For a blogger or business people online, is a very important matter traffics because all blogger or internet marketer will want to the site well known and can be a lucrative business. There was actually lots of a way that we can do to help increase the number of visitors to the site of we. Some efforts to improve traffic to the site we can we have done for free, but there is also a source of that it has already traffics needed the capital. What kind of strategy the most suitable for your blog or website?

In the article I will try to explain several ways to improve traffics potential to our website, good for free or paid by means of. Although there are many ways we can do, not all means are suitable for the blog could / websites which we have. We must choose the wise in so the results maximum traffics.

Increase traffic blog or website in a free manner

Such as what has been I mentioned earlier, we can get back to the eastern city traffics the site of a business or blog we free of charge. But the effort is needed who persistently and in a manner that of truth in order that day what part of it traffics meets what we want to. The following are some ways to improve there were thousands of visitors of Metro Jaya police traffic there were thousands of visitors website also pay attention to blog or free of charge:

1. Through blog walking

Blog walking is the visit blog or website others who still relating to blogging we, back from a comment on the blog or website. There are many blogs that provide a column to leave url website for a person who gives a comment on their website, this is what we have to use properly. Never leave comments junk on the blogs others because it would just give image bad to you as a blogger or internet marketer. Get used to reading the article written first before leaving comments to give you a sense comment appropriate on the topic of articles.

By complaining well and would result in please verify the URL you deliberate hypocrisy or falsehood forsake blog we are in a column that has been put in place, then you would have been getting backlink heading to your site. In addition, more likely that the there were thousands of visitors blog strangers in the gate area lps rate was also designed to have been scheduled to visit your site when they see the comments that were you give it. From the process of blog walking these guys up then we get a lot traffics, but it is there is a need for extra effort or temporary resident and gives a comment on blog-blog other beforehand.

2. Through the social bookmarking

Websites social bookmarking originally made to help better keep address website that they like, to enable them when wanted to open up the website in the future. In progress, site social bookmarking often used to optimize SEO and also to get traffic. Well, that I wrote in here is traffic directly from social bookmarking-ya, not the effect to see a site. We can keep url blog or website or URL blog post articles belonging to us to social bookmarking sites, in the hope of users the other will be interested in an URL that we submit and visit us with social bookmarking the media. In addition, site social bookmarking also often get traffic of search engine. So, I think the possibility to get traffic from the website of social bookmarking be potential sources of revenue and must be put to good use.

3. Through Social Media

Many people say, now that his times social media and this is how it is. The only social media users in Indonesia have experienced a significant. Plus the development of smartphone in Indonesia is very rapidly. Most smartphone users must have situs-situs accounts on social media, at least one of social media from the site. Well, of course, this is the potential traffics large enough for us the website or blog. Business popular in social media would not have trouble getting attention from users social media other. This is why a multitude of business increased profit after they optimize social media to their business. Some social media which often used to get traffic up, twitter, google plus, youtube, linked in, and Pinterest. Actually, it is still there are several social media which can be used, but based on my experience, 6 the site that I mentioned it is social media the most popular.

4. Through a forum

The site of the discussion often used the internet marketer as a medium to get traffic to blog/website their business. There are many site forum that allows a link in a thread or in signature the member they. Surely it had to be at best possible. One thing to we noticed was to keep the good name in the forum, read rules in the forum before acting further. Do not make the thread useless or the thread can make your reputation smudged. Use facilities link signature forum properly, use facilities link in thread forum a natural. There are several fora that did not allow a link in a thread, avoid breaking the law.

5. Guest post another blog

There are many blogs give the opportunity to others to send articles/content and set up link blog posts they. Of course, articles/content we post the blog posts must be in accordance with the criteria they set. We could put up link site our business at the of an author, some blog allows writer they to install link in articles. In addition to providing effect SEO, referral traffic of the blogs of quite a lot, especially if we writing in a blog is already famous.

Actually, it is still there is a lot of in a free manner to find visitors to the site of we. But the five ways which I have already had asked for burnt offering at the top of actually have been very kind that if we could optimization. I but I could not focus on a four-way at the level resulted from in addition to providing direct traffics, fourth in the manner of which I have already had asked for burnt offering at the top of proven to offer the impact of SEO as it seemed good to my blog not so. SEO good manners and morals and of course it will make it possible for the site, if we are going to get free from the, traffics search engine, for example, Google.

Increase blog or website by means of traffics of paid

For those of you who do not want to wait for the process of optimizing within a free manner, hence away of-of paid able to be carried out to get back to the eastern city traffics blog or website also pay attention to your business. Took out an ad on several media to be able to give the impact of good start in raising the standard of living traffics , however in order to not too wasteful , I am arguing that we choose to travel either over the media that it has already set can be made effective and bear-bear accordance with the target the site of the business. The following are some ways to improve traffic there were thousands of visitors blog or website also pay attention to by means of paid.

1. Advertise site in social media

Facebook is the most effective social media advertising due to a conversion of advertising in social media this one proved to be very good. On facebook ads you can choose the audience most appropriate categories we need, this is what will affect the effectiveness of advertising we put. Based on my experience, advertising very difficult to serve ads on Facebook. We can regulate how the budget we want to a clique paid for the advertising, and we also can set the target audience in accordance with our business.

2. Use advertising PPC

Google AdWords is a company the only implementing body for advertisement media PPC the most famous at the present time. The owned company set a google has been one hell of having a network of advertisers ( advertiser ) and a publicist with numbers are usually very much around the world, including in Indonesia. The excellence of its Google AdWords is advertising in the site of a publicist they are an advertisement that is in accordance with articles. I personally have never been put advertising on google adwords, but there a bunch testimony from advertisers words of those who say satisfied with the services Google AdWords and giving effect well it for their business. Well, for those of you who want to get potential traffics heading to the site of your business, there was no danger in trying to see how to Google AdWords.

3. Advertise on-site classified advertising online

Another way of securing to traffics blog or website also pay attention to business is by making use of the site of classified advertising. There was actually lots of the site of advertising rows running in various directions give space advertise free of charge, but I am more of paid delivered a recommendation on the who it is because usually when they get significantly better from which it is Free.

8 Backlink Resources for Beginner Bloggers

8 Backlink Resources for Beginner BloggersIn addition to on-page SEO, off page SEO is also influential in optimizing the position of blogs on Google. Off-page, SEO is done to get backlinks from various sources. In fact, there are dozens of sources of backlinks that can be used.

Fortunately, if you are a beginner blogger who wants to build backlinks, you do not have to use all those resources. For the initial stage, based on my experience of bringing more than two dozen English niche blogs to page 1 of Google, you should focus on the following 8 sources of backlinks.

Backlink for Beginner Bloggers

1. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social site bookmarking ( social bookmarking sites ) is a site that people use to store, organize, and manage a web page or blog they like.

Getting backlinks from this site is very easy: you register, verify your registration, log in to the site, and publish your front page URL and or blog post. The backlinks that you will get can be dofollow or nofollow, depending on the social bookmarking site requirements.

Here are the social bookmarking sites that you can try.

  • url. org

  • bookmark4you. com

  • socialbookmarkssite. com

  • delicious. com

  • ping. sg

  • buzznet. com

  • stumbleupon. com

  • plurk. com

  • diigo. com

  • reddit. com

2. Social Media

Social media is a site that allows users to create and share content or participate in social networks. Backlinks from this site are believed to be of good quality because they are counted as a social signal by Google and other search engines.

Here are some social media that you deserve to try to get backlinks :

  • Faceboook. com (in the form of Fanpage)

  • Twitter. com

  • Pinterest. com

  • Google +

  • About. me

  • Linkedin. com

  • If you want to know other social media, please see the list of social media on Wikipedia.

3. Blog Comments

Blog comments are not effective. Maybe you've heard the statement. I also initially considered it that way. However, after I try, it turns out to blog comments can bring my blog to page 1 Google. In fact, comment blogs are one of the backlink sources I use at the beginning of my backlink strategy.

I do my own blog comments on blogs in Indonesian language that the comments do not require approval ( auto approve ) and extensions vary among others.,, .com, .net, .org,, and .info.

When you find an auto approve blog, comment by entering your keywords. If you do not want to enter keywords, you can enter your name, your pseudonym, your blog name, or your blog's domain name.

4. Video Sites

Online video in the last decade is growing rapidly. Of course, video sharing sites can be used also to plant backlinks for your blog, which is in the description section of the uploaded video.

To get backlinks from various video sites, you must have your own videos in order not to infringe copyright. One easy way is to convert MS PowerPoint presentation into video using Camtasia software. Check out his tutorial video on How to Convert PowerPoint to Video Using Camtasia.

Video sites I've used are:

Examples of Video Sharing Sites
dailymotion. comscreencast. comsonico. com
vimeo .comtelly. comclipmoon. com
youtube. comwat. tvganges. com
tmblr. covideobash. commyvidster. com
redd.itmefeedia. com220. ro
picturepush. comtagworld.grou. pssharevideosonline. net
photobucket. comkewego. comvideo-bookmark. com
tinypic. comishare.rediff. comwideo. fr
video.fotki. commobypicture. comzappinternet. com ptstreetfire. netpixori. al
webeetv. comcareercrate. commymoviedeals. tv
businesstube. comthatshow. comthetributenetwork. com

5. Website of Foreign Education Institutions

Educational institution sites are sites created by colleges or schools. On the site, there is usually also a blog for students or students. This blog is used to backlink. Rumors, backlinks from educational institutions are given more weight by Google.

Although you live in Indonesia, you can get backlinks from educational institutions overseas sites, such as backlinks from sites government. Edu. An easy way to get backlinks is to use the service provider in Fiverr. The provider I use is Dino Stark.

6. Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is commonly known as a free site that allows its users to publish posts. In addition to free, Web 2.0 is preferred as a place to get backlinks because the main domain ( root domain ) has a high page rank (PR). Here are some of the web 2.0 I used to use.

  • wordpress. com (PR 9)

  • blogspot. com (PR 9)

  • weebly. com (PR 8)

  • jimdo. com (PR 8)

  • yola. com (PR 7)

  • blog. com (PR 6)

  • webnode. com (PR 6)

  • hpage. com (PR 5)

  • soup. io (PR 5)

To get backlinks from web 2.0, the first thing you do is create a post. You can create it by rewriting your post or spelling articles from article directories (eg If the post is in English, you can use the following free spinner sites :

  • spinbot. com

  • free-article-spinner. com

  • bestfreespinner. com

Once your post is ready, register to web 2.0. Publish those posts complete with one or more links to your blog. Simple, is not it?

7. Authority Sites

Authority sites are authority sites with various functions and topics. These sites usually provide a profile page for their members. On the profile page that backlinks are placed. Because it comes from the authority site, the backlink is believed to have a "power" is terrible.

Some of the authority sites I've used are:

  • flickr. com

  • com

  • com

  • ireport.cnn. com

  • apache. org

  • drupal. org

  • disqus. com

  • com

  • openstreetmap. org

8. PDF Share Sites

By default, PDF-sharing sites ( PDF sharing sites ) are sites for publishing documents in PDF format. Links that are in this PDF can be read Google. No wonder, many SEO practitioners are utilizing the site to plant backlinks.

Some of the PDF sharing sites I've used are:

  • issuu. com

  • scribd. com

  • doocu. com

  • pdfcast. org

  • uploading. com

  • filesanywhere. com

To get backlinks from PDF sharing sites, create an article in MS Word complete with a link to your blog. Change the MS Word to PDF and upload it to PDF-sharing sites.

There are many sources of backlinks. As a beginner blogger, try the eight backlink sources above to optimize the position of your English or Indonesian language blog on Google. Do not get stuck on a quality backlink dichotomy or not quality. Just try it and see the result then.