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How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger?

How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger?

How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger? because I think bloggers would have been familiar with this term. What else you've been accepted as an Adsense publisher.

Click bomb or commonly called invalid click is usually done by a fellow blogger who envies with our blogs. There are also bloggers who deliberately cheat click advertising itself to make a profit.

Impact as bad for us as Adsense publishers are, will our Adsense account got banned and we are no longer allowed to be publishers of advertising from Google. that is why the word baned highly feared by bloggers who are already believed to be an Adsense publisher.

A little tip of to shy away from bomb-click one is don't just spread your blog link in forums that indeed we are not exactly sure it's safe or not. especially forum Blogger and Adsense.

Because Adsense bloggers and forums the average already know the ins and outs of her blog how. b…

Tips for a Blogger Beginner in Bringing in many Visitor

Tips for a Blogger Beginner in bringing in many Visitor - Many bloggers think of backlinks but do not think about writing quality. There are some friends ask me, using what backlink service !!! During my blog, I have never thought of backlinks because if our blog has many visitors and one of them is a blogger writer then it is possible that person will take some of our articles and provide links to the source of the article (This is what makes my blog links where).
Here are some early stages when first was built, How to Increase Visitor blog!!
1. Buy Top Level Domain (TLD) Creating blog names and blog addresses is easy to Remember. The words in the blog address greatly affect the Visitor because your site address will be remembered when visitors feel comfortable with the articles you serve. Shorter word in blog address is better but we have to check it to sites that sell Domain whether the address of the site that we make available or not. If available please set and imm…

How to Check Responsive Blog or Website Template

How to Check Responsive Blog or Website Templates? it may be a question that comes to you who want to know responsive blog template. Responsive blog or website is a template that can be accessed by all devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, mini-books, laptops, and desktops.

By having a responsive site view it will facilitate visitors in accessing our site. Lately, responsive templates are considered very important because the need for faster internet must be supported with a blog or website that is responsive to be accessible by all devices, of course, more SEO.

Nowadays a lot of template providers offer responsive blogs ranging from premium and free, you can start getting a responsive template with keywords "Responsive template SEO friendly fast loading" then you will be shown some cool template with SEO and responsive features inside.
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Confused Keyword Determination? It's How to Get the Best Keyword

Understanding Domain And Subdomain And Examples

Best Free VP…

Understanding Domain And Subdomain And Examples

Understanding Domain And Subdomain And ExamplesUnderstanding domains and subdomains as well as examples. You who often access the internet to search for various kinds of information may already know what Domain name is like. But do you already know what domain functions and what kinds of domains? For that yuk ... let us understand together the explanation in this paper.

A. Domain DefinitionIn the world of IT in question Domain is a unique name given to the server / IP address, so that server / IP address can be identified by the Internet network. One of the domain functions is to simplify the user network computer or internet when accessing a web server, besides that domain also useful to facilitate user remember the name of server accessed so that user does not have to remember a number of IP address server.

Domain names are often referred to as URLs if you search for information on the internet and visit a website that presents an information you can see an example of a domain addr…

Confused Keyword Determination? It's How to Get the Best Keyword

Confused Keyword Determination? It's How to Get theBest Keyword - SEO is how you place the right keywords for your article or website. Not infrequently, people just know about SEO, but do not understand how to find good keywords for their articles. In fact, without the right keywords, SEO will only be a wasted thing. Therefore, determining the right keywords is mandatory and should be included as a top priority in creating an article or building a website.

Many people are confused in determining keywords, whether it's because of technical problems or maybe because of something else. Do not let that happen to you.

How to determine good and perfect keywords? Of course, you can not read the minds of others to find out what people are looking for in cyberspace. Therefore, the need for a system to find the right keywords where the keyword will eventually lead to your audience.

Here are some guideline questions you need to follow to determine the right keywords for all the online conte…

Best Free VPN for Android 2019

The Best Free VPN for Android 2019 - It's annoying that someone reads the newspaper from behind your shoulders, but how often do you stop and try to think about how many people are watching what you're accessing on the internet? Traveling from home is another story, but once you start surfing while you're on the go, your vulnerability goes straight to the clouds.

As with everything in this virtual world, cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate and one of the latest developments is their ability to disguise malicious programs/malware as legitimate software. This also applies equally to the world of VPN services. So before we dive into the waters filled with ferocious sharks, do a little research and make sure the VPN you have chosen is exactly what they say in the ad or the information they provide.

Free VPNs are getting more sophisticated which means consumers have more options before finally being forced to pay other paid options. However, if you want speed, security, cus…

Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms

BlogBoosters - Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms,Blogger is an easy-to-use blogging platform to start your first blog. The following user-friendly features make it easy to add content to make Blogger successfully connect many customers. However, for some users, the features Blogger offers are not enough. Many of them then migrate Blogger to WordPress.

Perhaps many bloggers who choose Blogspot or in building blogs for free. I do not think there's a problem with that if you just want to blog. But if you want to look more pro and ease in customization, in my opinion, would be much more profitable when using script with your own hosting.

Why WordPress?The reason is simple. offers more flexibility than Blogger, both from the side view, feature completeness, even SEO. Read more, here are some of the main advantages of WordPress versus Blogger.
• DisplayBlogspot has a limited theme and wallpaper. WordPress has thousands of themes a…

The Secrets of Optimizing Google AdSense CPC Value

The Secrets of Optimizing Google AdSense CPC Value - To get a fixed income every month from Google Adsense is not an easy thing, need to struggle, hard work so you can get the most out of Google Adsense if maximum income then you most likely can receive regular income from Google Adsense every month.
In general, the method used Google Adsense is CPC (Cost per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) means you will get a commission or will be paid if Google Adsense ads that you put on your blog get clicks from visitors to your blog, alone is greatly influenced by the number of visitors to your blog and also the CPC value of the ads concerned.

Regardless of the number of advertising and ad layout, in fact, to increase Google Adsense revenue there are 2 factors that determine, the first is the number of visitors or blog visitors and the second is the CPC value.

Because of the many Google Adsense publishers who complain about the value of CPC is very small and never go up, then on this occasion, I wou…

How to Insert Meta Keywords in Blogger

Actually, search engines no longer use meta keywords as one of the determinants of rankings.

But for my friend who still wants to install meta keywords in blogger, below is the tutorial.

There are two types of meta keywords that can be used in blogger. The first is automatic meta keywords and the second is a manual meta keyword.

How to insert automatic meta keywords

If you use the way below, keywords in the meta keywords will automatically pick up from the blog title and also the title of the post.

1. Login to and go to your blog dashboard.

2. Click the "Template"

3. Click "Edit HTML"

4. Put the code below just below the code <head>:

<b:ifcond='data:blog.homepageUrl == data:blog.url'><metaexpr:content='data:blog.title'name='keywords'/></b:if><b:ifcond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'><meta


5. When you&#…

How to Boost Blog or Website Traffic Quickly

How to Boost Blog or Website Traffic Quickly- For a blogger or business people online, is a very important matter traffics because all blogger or internet marketer will want to the site well known and can be a lucrative business. There was actually lots of a way that we can do to help increase the number of visitors to the site of we. Some efforts to improve traffic to the site we can we have done for free, but there is also a source of that it has already traffics needed the capital. What kind of strategy the most suitable for your blog or website?

In the article I will try to explain several ways to improve traffics potential to our website, good for free or paid by means of. Although there are many ways we can do, not all means are suitable for the blog could / websites which we have. We must choose the wise in so the results maximum traffics.

Increase traffic blog or website in a free mannerSuch as what has been I mentioned earlier, we can get back to the eastern city traffics the s…

8 Backlink Resources for Beginner Bloggers

8 Backlink Resources for Beginner Bloggers - In addition to on-page SEO, off page SEO is also influential in optimizing the position of blogs on Google. Off-page, SEO is done to get backlinks from various sources. In fact, there are dozens of sources of backlinks that can be used.

Fortunately, if you are a beginner blogger who wants to build backlinks, you do not have to use all those resources. For the initial stage, based on my experience of bringing more than two dozen English niche blogs to page 1 of Google, you should focus on the following 8 sources of backlinks.

1. Social Bookmarking SitesSocial site bookmarking ( social bookmarking sites ) is a site that people use to store, organize, and manage a web page or blog they like.

Getting backlinks from this site is very easy: you register, verify your registration, log in to the site, and publish your front page URL and or blog post. The backlinks that you will get can be dofollow or nofollow, depending on the social bookmarking site …