4 Causes of Quiet Visitor BLOGs.

Have a Blog, quiet visitors? it would be disappointing but that is natural because in the blog world you are still new to blogs, you will find this problem, this problem is not only done by beginner bloggers, seniors who have long been in the world of bloggers must have missed the same thing.

In exploring the world of Blogs to get high traffic, it is not enough if only creating Articles, special techniques need to be done, for example how to share articles to social media, SEO, backlinks and so on. This technique can be easily done by search engines of people who find out what you are looking for with your blog so they will easily find your blog.

Some of the factors why blogs are still empty of visitors even though they have done SEO techniques and made lots of content, here I will explain several factors that cause blogs to always be empty of visitors.

1. Blog Content Not Quality

Bad content is very influential, how not if you create content that is not clear then who will read the content. in essence, no one is looking for keywords that match your content. Content is the main factor to lure readers, then create quality and original content. Besides increasing visitors, if the content is quality, visitors will bet on your blog that Google will like your blog so it will be easy to index.

2. The Number of Articles is Still Small

When and for the first time creating a blog and article is still a little but not too many visitors, keep writing articles. In addition, the content that is still small will certainly produce a few internal links so it can be said that the internal link has not been formed properly. Consistent writing every day 1, 2 articles or more will affect the performance of your blog and article will further increase the speed of internal links that will be stronger on your blog.

3. Seasonal Article

The article used is an article that is sought after today is a trend but only temporarily, I think you understand. If there is a trend there will be no visitors coming or searching for keywords in your content, then make an article that has a long life that will never be stale.

4. Not doing SEO properly

SEO is the main factor and determines to Blog whether the blog will be popular or not. But as we do SEO is not easy, so there are not many things that sell EBOOK about SEO, and in my opinion, it is natural because SEO science is not small and not easy to reveal, even as time goes by and Google algorithms will change every time. So if you want to do SEO optimization on my blog it is recommended to be studied properly and correctly, you will practice it right. If you are wrong in doing SEO Optimization, it is likely that your blog will not be leading to be empty of visitors, it may even not be indexed by search engines.

SEO is very important and worthy of the Blog, you can say SEO is the core of the blog, so if you do not do SEO Optimization correctly and correctly you will not do it at all your blog will have no life. Thus the market this time may be useful and can increase knowledge, thank you


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