5+ Best Android Apps for Bloggers To Increase Productivity

Best Android Apps for Blogger

5+ Best Android Apps for Bloggers To Increase Productivity - As a blogger, of course, you will be very helpful with the smartphone. Smartphones can be a powerful tool to increase productivity as a blogger if we can use it well. One way is to use supporting applications that will help us in blogging. Starting from writing articles, to organize all the assets such as pictures and photos. Of the many Android applications, here are 5 best android applications for bloggers that really help your productivity as a blogger.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard App

Indeed, there are a lot of keyboard applications that can be downloaded on Google Play. Starting with a keyboard app that prioritizes the look, to feature rich. I think the best keyboard app for Android is SwiftKey Keyboard. Automatic correction feature is perfect for us-we are the bloggers who often write via android smartphone. Whether it's just typing a draft or a full article. There will be no typos. SwiftKey Keyboard has a smart algorithm that will be able to identify errors when you are, then correct them. SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the mandatory applications that should be present in all blogger smartphones.

2. Dropbox Paper Application

Does anyone not know what is Dropbox Paper? Dropbox Paper is an application note developed by Dropbox. There are already many similar applications such as Evernote, Simplenote, and others. I've tried all those apps, and based on personal experience, Dropbox Paper is the best. Dropbox Paper has a simple yet elegant look. Makes it easy to use and allows us to focus when typing articles. And another plus, Paper is fully integrated with Dropbox. So we can put pictures or photos that we have previously saved in Dropbox.

3. Application Feedly

As a blogger, we certainly need a source of reading. In order to always get a supply of information, or just want to find inspiration. One of the usual ways is to read a blog or website with a theme that we are interested in. If you are still visiting your favorite websites manually, then start now leave the habit. Because there is a better way, that is by using Feedly. Feedly can collect feeds from your favorite websites, then display them in the app. If you have any favorite websites that are often read, then you must install Feedly. You can update the information as well as seek inspiration for the next article material that you will write.

4. HootSuite Application

You who have started seriously pursue the profession of bloggers would have been familiar with social media. Social media is a powerful tool for promoting blogs that we manage to get many additional visits. Well, sometimes we have to manage many social media accounts. Starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to LinkedIn. If we install all the social media applications one by one, of course very ineffective. Luckily there is an app called HootSuite. With this one app, you can manage all your social media accounts. You can make scheduled posts, reply to comments, to check the statistics of each social media account. HootSuite is a very important application for bloggers, especially those who often use social media to get additional visits to their blogs.

5. Google Analytics app

Google Analytics, of course, you are familiar with this one tool. A tool is required for all professional bloggers to know the number of blog visits. Google Analytics has its own official app on Google Play. This will certainly facilitate your life as a blogger. You can check the number of blog visits whenever and wherever via android smartphone.


  • Check key metrics in native reports.
  • Compare date ranges and apply segments.
  • Monitor real-time data.
  • Browse to create your own report with any combination of metrics, dimensions, and segments you like.
  • Save reports to your dashboard so you can easily find them again.

6. Google Adsense App

Most bloggers would already know about Google Adsense. This app is only for Adsense publishers. For Google Adsense publisher, you can check all types of income reports and revenue sources by installing this app on your smartphone. Given such reports on smartphone devices, publishers can instantly figure out what happens if there are significant earnings changes.

This is article about 5+ Best Android Apps for Bloggers To Increase Productivity, hopefully help you. Happy blogging


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