8 Backlink Resources for Beginner Bloggers

8 Backlink Resources for Beginner BloggersIn addition to on-page SEO, off page SEO is also influential in optimizing the position of blogs on Google. Off-page, SEO is done to get backlinks from various sources. In fact, there are dozens of sources of backlinks that can be used.

Fortunately, if you are a beginner blogger who wants to build backlinks, you do not have to use all those resources. For the initial stage, based on my experience of bringing more than two dozen English niche blogs to page 1 of Google, you should focus on the following 8 sources of backlinks.

Backlink for Beginner Bloggers

1. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social site bookmarking ( social bookmarking sites ) is a site that people use to store, organize, and manage a web page or blog they like.

Getting backlinks from this site is very easy: you register, verify your registration, log in to the site, and publish your front page URL and or blog post. The backlinks that you will get can be dofollow or nofollow, depending on the social bookmarking site requirements.

Here are the social bookmarking sites that you can try.

  • url. org

  • bookmark4you. com

  • socialbookmarkssite. com

  • delicious. com

  • ping. sg

  • buzznet. com

  • stumbleupon. com

  • plurk. com

  • diigo. com

  • reddit. com

2. Social Media

Social media is a site that allows users to create and share content or participate in social networks. Backlinks from this site are believed to be of good quality because they are counted as a social signal by Google and other search engines.

Here are some social media that you deserve to try to get backlinks :

  • Faceboook. com (in the form of Fanpage)

  • Twitter. com

  • Pinterest. com

  • Google +

  • About. me

  • Linkedin. com

  • If you want to know other social media, please see the list of social media on Wikipedia.

3. Blog Comments

Blog comments are not effective. Maybe you've heard the statement. I also initially considered it that way. However, after I try, it turns out to blog comments can bring my blog to page 1 Google. In fact, comment blogs are one of the backlink sources I use at the beginning of my backlink strategy.

I do my own blog comments on blogs in Indonesian language that the comments do not require approval ( auto approve ) and extensions vary among others. Go.id, .sch.id, .com, .net, .org, .co.id, and .info.

When you find an auto approve blog, comment by entering your keywords. If you do not want to enter keywords, you can enter your name, your pseudonym, your blog name, or your blog's domain name.

4. Video Sites

Online video in the last decade is growing rapidly. Of course, video sharing sites can be used also to plant backlinks for your blog, which is in the description section of the uploaded video.

To get backlinks from various video sites, you must have your own videos in order not to infringe copyright. One easy way is to convert MS PowerPoint presentation into video using Camtasia software. Check out his tutorial video on How to Convert PowerPoint to Video Using Camtasia.

Video sites I've used are:

Examples of Video Sharing Sites
dailymotion. comscreencast. comsonico. com
vimeo .comtelly. comclipmoon. com
youtube. comwat. tvganges. com
tmblr. covideobash. commyvidster. com
redd.itmefeedia. com220. ro
picturepush. comtagworld.grou. pssharevideosonline. net
photobucket. comkewego. comvideo-bookmark. com
tinypic. comishare.rediff. comwideo. fr
video.fotki. commobypicture. comzappinternet. com
videos.sapo. ptstreetfire. netpixori. al
webeetv. comcareercrate. commymoviedeals. tv
businesstube. comthatshow. comthetributenetwork. com

5. Website of Foreign Education Institutions

Educational institution sites are sites created by colleges or schools. On the site, there is usually also a blog for students or students. This blog is used to backlink. Rumors, backlinks from educational institutions are given more weight by Google.

Although you live in Indonesia, you can get backlinks from educational institutions overseas sites, such as backlinks from sites government. Edu. An easy way to get backlinks is to use the service provider backlink.edu in Fiverr. The provider I use is Dino Stark.

6. Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is commonly known as a free site that allows its users to publish posts. In addition to free, Web 2.0 is preferred as a place to get backlinks because the main domain ( root domain ) has a high page rank (PR). Here are some of the web 2.0 I used to use.

  • wordpress. com (PR 9)

  • blogspot. com (PR 9)

  • weebly. com (PR 8)

  • jimdo. com (PR 8)

  • yola. com (PR 7)

  • blog. com (PR 6)

  • webnode. com (PR 6)

  • hpage. com (PR 5)

  • soup. io (PR 5)

To get backlinks from web 2.0, the first thing you do is create a post. You can create it by rewriting your post or spelling articles from article directories (eg EzineArticles.com). If the post is in English, you can use the following free spinner sites :

  • spinbot. com

  • free-article-spinner. com

  • bestfreespinner. com

Once your post is ready, register to web 2.0. Publish those posts complete with one or more links to your blog. Simple, is not it?

7. Authority Sites

Authority sites are authority sites with various functions and topics. These sites usually provide a profile page for their members. On the profile page that backlinks are placed. Because it comes from the authority site, the backlink is believed to have a "power" is terrible.

Some of the authority sites I've used are:

  • flickr. com

  • contributor.yahoo. com

  • discussions.apple. com

  • ireport.cnn. com

  • apache. org

  • drupal. org

  • disqus. com

  • kdp.amazon. com

  • openstreetmap. org

8. PDF Share Sites

By default, PDF-sharing sites ( PDF sharing sites ) are sites for publishing documents in PDF format. Links that are in this PDF can be read Google. No wonder, many SEO practitioners are utilizing the site to plant backlinks.

Some of the PDF sharing sites I've used are:

  • issuu. com

  • scribd. com

  • doocu. com

  • pdfcast. org

  • uploading. com

  • filesanywhere. com

To get backlinks from PDF sharing sites, create an article in MS Word complete with a link to your blog. Change the MS Word to PDF and upload it to PDF-sharing sites.

There are many sources of backlinks. As a beginner blogger, try the eight backlink sources above to optimize the position of your English or Indonesian language blog on Google. Do not get stuck on a quality backlink dichotomy or not quality. Just try it and see the result then.


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