Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms

BlogBoosters - Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms, Blogger is an easy-to-use blogging platform to start your first blog. The following user-friendly features make it easy to add content to make Blogger successfully connect many customers. However, for some users, the features Blogger offers are not enough. Many of them then migrate Blogger to WordPress.

Advantages of Wordpress

Perhaps many bloggers who choose Blogspot or in building blogs for free. I do not think there's a problem with that if you just want to blog. But if you want to look more pro and ease in customization, in my opinion, would be much more profitable when using script with your own hosting.

Why WordPress?

The reason is simple. offers more flexibility than Blogger, both from the side view, feature completeness, even SEO. Read more, here are some of the main advantages of WordPress versus Blogger.

• Display

Blogspot has a limited theme and wallpaper. WordPress has thousands of themes as well as a variety of widgets to make your website more interesting.

• Control Website

If you use WordPress Hosting website, you can move freely in setting the website. You can set whatever you want.

• Easy Management

Basically, WordPress has the convenience and convenience in managing the website through the dashboard Admin Area that has been provided.

• Plugins with Additional Features

If you use WordPress, you will get the convenience of doing anything with plugins. Suppose you want to improve the security of WordPress or create a website with the builder. Everything can be easily done.

• Faster Website Access

All HTML Blogspot files are in one place. While in WordPress there are various database files. So when accessing more quickly, certain files called by the browser instantly appear without loading entire HTML files.

• WordPress has anti-spam

Spammers are one of those problems that often bother me. Lots of spammers who use special software to make fake comments to link their site to the comment page. I do not know your opinion, but in my opinion, better no comments in my article from the comments came from spammers.

To overcome these spammers, WordPress also provides a free plugin called Akismet. The function of these plugins is to hold all spam comments sent to our blog. How to install Akismet plugins is very easy, and requires registration for its use.

• Tagging

WordPress also features a tagging facility that aims so that we can insert tags with keywords related to the article created. These tags will certainly make your site more easily recognizable by search engines and help our site SEO.

• Multiple Authors

This is one of my favorite WordPress features. We can add authors on WordPress blogs easily and practically without worrying about the security of our site. As can be seen at blogboosters, this blog currently has 3 authors with different usernames. Two other authors can log in and post the article but have no control over the blogboosters.

• Can block visitors from certain IP

I once blocked some IP after finding the visitor from the IP is doing SPAM through the comment page. This is another advantage of, in addition to being able to withstand spam comments in the spam box, we can also block IP spammers from being able to access our site in the future.

• We can see site visitors

You must be curious to know where visitors to your site? Installing google analytics is one way to know the data about our site visitors, and for that, you must create a google analytics account and insert google analytics script into your WordPress blog. But there are also plugins that can help to see the origin of our site visitors. By installing plugins named Who's Online, we can see who and where our web visitors come from.

• Very Easy To Use

WordPress is perfect for beginner level because the user does not need an expert in coding and PHP script to optimize CMS WordPress. In addition to creating a blog, WordPress can also be used to create various types of websites with attractive appearance and features, such as online stores, corporate websites, web profiles, and more. However, WordPress is not for all types of websites.

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Actually, there are many advantages of WordPress than any other platform that I can not write in this post. In my opinion, having a WordPress website with your own hosting will be more profitable, in addition to looking more professional, you can also make your brand better known. If you have any other additions or different opinions, please post them in the comments section.


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