Best Free VPN for Android 2019

The Best Free VPN for Android 2019 - It's annoying that someone reads the newspaper from behind your shoulders, but how often do you stop and try to think about how many people are watching what you're accessing on the internet? Traveling from home is another story, but once you start surfing while you're on the go, your vulnerability goes straight to the clouds.
Free VPN for Android 2019

As with everything in this virtual world, cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate and one of the latest developments is their ability to disguise malicious programs/malware as legitimate software. This also applies equally to the world of VPN services. So before we dive into the waters filled with ferocious sharks, do a little research and make sure the VPN you have chosen is exactly what they say in the ad or the information they provide.

Free VPNs are getting more sophisticated which means consumers have more options before finally being forced to pay other paid options. However, if you want speed, security, customer service and cover all the added perks, it will be useful to look at our top VPNs for Android - they may not be free but they offer the latest, most affordable encryption. However, in this free world, there are still many VPNs offering their packages at competitive prices for Android users.

List of the Best Android VPN Free

1. Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN is one of the most popular VPN apps with 87,287 downloads. The VPN also provides a premium version (paid). For free version there is a limit of 2GB with a speed of about 512kbit / s Premium version comes with no limit of speed and also more choice of servers from various countries. Hideman does not have a free version log policy, log policy is only for paid subscribers. Hideman deletes logs after 14 days for free users.

2. Finch Free VPN

Finch VPN is a  VPN application. You can use it to open sites that are blocked by ISPs from government policies, keep your browsing private, and more. The free version gives you a limit of up to 3GB. Pro version up to 25GB while for premium version there is no limit (unlimited). Finch VPN includes support for OpenVPN, application firewalls, and more. Finch VPN also does not have a log policy. This is a great middle-of-the-road option for those of you who need something simple.

3. F-Secure Freedome

VPN F-Secure Freedome VPN is one of the long-standing VPN apps on Google Play. F-Secure successfully remains a popular app with the latest update updates. F-Secure does not display the account and there is no login using the account. F-Secure does not want to know who users are using it. The VPN also comes with a lightweight built-in antivirus. Stylish interface. There is a premium version, just adding some extra features and bandwidth and the price is quite reasonable too, cheap.

4. Betternet Free VPN

Betternet is one of the VPN famous applications you deserve to try. It has no logging policy. We know many other VPN applications using logs. For speed quite quickly. Betternet maintains the free version by displaying ads within it. There's a premium version too. They are very transparent about how they make money and their policies. It's refreshing. It also features a simple one-touch interface. This is a good starting point as far as the VPN app is concerned.

5. OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect is one of the most popular free VPNs available on Android used for free internet. OpenVPN is also open source which is always added to security applications. But using OpenVPN Connect requires a little knowledge in order to operate with the maximum. You can do things like creating a .ovpn profile, import and export configuration. This VPN also uses PolarSSL, this is good enough for security while browsing. If you intend to really learn the ins and outs of VPNs, this app is a good choice. Please note that you must create and set up your own OpenVPN server to use this application.

6. Opera Free VPN

Opera Free VPN is the latest VPN application among other VPNs. Opera Free VPN offers a free service. The app also comes with some exciting features, including ad blocker, five server locations, and the ability to show the level of security of Wi-Fi networks.

7. SpeedVPN

SpeedVPN is one of the rare free VPN apps. This one has unique features. This will boot you from the network after 60 minutes. You can update or reconnect as needed. SpeedVPN Apliaski is a good choice, simple and free.

8. SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN is one of the most striking VPN apps among other VPN apps. SurfEasy is also the same developer as Opera with a free VPN server. This application has many desired features. In addition, SurfEasy is one of several VPNs that actually have additional features for those who want to download torrents (paid).

9. Robot VPN

The VPN robot is also one of the newest VPN apps among other VPNs. This VPN can do all the things you might expect. There are more than 6 country servers to choose from. You can also choose the fastest server if needed. It does not require a username, login, or account. This one application is completely free with no in-app purchases or subscriptions.

10. VPN Master

VPN Master is one of the new VPN apps on Google Play. You can connect and hide traffic from everyone. It has several countries to choose from. There is a free version that lets you check the service. The paid version is also quite affordable. To be honest, there is not much to talk about with this one. Simple, cheap, and good results.

As with any software, the destination will determine the choice and it is no different than the VPN. If you do a lot of torrenting, you will choose a different service if you are a fanatic user of a WiFi hotspot. Similarly, if you do not mind taking risks but want to reduce costs, you will be looking for a quite different VPN from someone who wants privacy when working in their online banking. In the end, it's all up to the user and you'll find a VPN that fits your needs and limitations.

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