How to Register Domain Name Free


The posting on how this free domain list was inspired by a friend requests me asking for my help to register a free domain name for his VPS. Actually, I prefer to use the paid domain of the free, but I think that free can be very useful both in terms of savings budget and in terms of use.

Free domains are scattered, but I am sure that among you may be very strange if you hear domain names such as,,, .tk, .ga, .cf, and .ml even I think the domain the latter is a bit vulgar if interpreted in the Indonesian language.

Domain I will not discuss here and I just happened to try to register the domain there was not able to set DNS records directly and if you want to set DNS records directly, I was asked to upgrade the account first by paying $ 4 per month. Here I will only discuss how to get a free domain through the freenom site that oversees the domain. Tk, .cf, .ga and .ml.

The reason to choose freenom is that the most simple and easy with a decent feature for the free domain classic no-frills survey, referral or the other. Keep in mind that some sites that provide free domain registration require us to do something first, this is the least I like maybe you will not like it too.

To register a domain on freenom you can go directly to the official website of freenom or open the site of each domain, such as for the .tk domain, for .ml domain, for .ga domain and for domain .cf. In this tutorial, I will try to demonstrate domain registration .tk through site.

Please open site first, then input the domain name you want, I try with marahmerah. tk.

Domain Name Free

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To process please click go and please fill in the data as an example in the following picture:

Domain Name Registration Free

If you have already signed up, you will be asked to sign up for a social media account such as Facebook or you can register using an email address. If you want a list of a social media account make sure you are in a login position. For this tutorial, I tried to list with an email address.

Click the next button and input the required data of your name and the account password you will create.

After you enter your name and password, please click Create Account and will send the confirmation code to your email address. Please check your email address and click the link provided then input correctly the code given, if hard to spell you can do copy/paste. If you do not get the confirmation email you can click here on option number 2. Make sure the email address you provide is active and you have checked first in the inbox or spam box.

Ceck Email domain Name Free

See an example of confirming the following code:

Confirmation code
Congratulations your free domain name has succeeded you have !. Next, you can check your domain directly by typing it into your browser, you can check with www or without www. Good Luck!!!!

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