The Secrets of Optimizing Google AdSense CPC Value

Adsense Low CPC

The Secrets of Optimizing Google AdSense CPC ValueTo get a fixed income every month from Google Adsense is not an easy thing, need to struggle, hard work so you can get the most out of Google Adsense if maximum income then you most likely can receive regular income from Google Adsense every month.

In general, the method used Google Adsense is CPC (Cost per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) means you will get a commission or will be paid if Google Adsense ads that you put on your blog get clicks from visitors to your blog, alone is greatly influenced by the number of visitors to your blog and also the CPC value of the ads concerned.

Regardless of the number of advertising and ad layout, in fact, to increase Google Adsense revenue there are 2 factors that determine, the first is the number of visitors or blog visitors and the second is the CPC value.

Because of the many Google Adsense publishers who complain about the value of CPC is very small and never go up, then on this occasion, I would love to share tips on how to optimize CPC google AdSense value that you can try, so your Adsense revenue can be maximized.

A. Why Is Your Google Adsense CPC Value Small?

For the CPC problem of the Google concerned does not explain it in detail, Google does not explain how efforts to increase the CPC? and Google also never explain why CPC value is small, what I describe the possibility of small CPC value sourced from some bloggers who have experience in Adsense world are as follows:

1: Quality Content of Origin and lack of quality

The main factor why your CPC Adsense value is small is the quality of the perfunctory content, less quality so that less satisfied blog visitors, most likely google record every visitor activity, when dwelling time or time spent visitors in one of your articles long enough it can be interpreted the article is qualified and may affect your CPC Adsense value, but not otherwise.

2: The existence of a Click bomb on your Adsense Ads

Bom clicks for some cases sometimes occur, Adsense can already anticipation, in case of click bomb then Adsense engine will run smart pricing system automatically by way of minimizing the value of CPC ads concerned, small and smaller.

3: Non Organic source of visitors

The number of visitors who come from non-organic or visitors who come not from google search such as from social media like facebook, twitter, google + and other social media can be indicated by cheating that you ask others to visit your blog to click on ads, besides can cause invalid traffic on Google Adsense which impacted cut your Adsense earnings, non organic traffic also allegedly can cause CPC value your Adsense ads shrink.

Non-organic Visitor can come because you spread your blog links either manually or automatically to some social media, or email, if done automatically with the help of 3rd party tools may still be tolerated but if you do it manually let alone excessively then very potentially banned your Adsense account, so be careful.

 4: Irrelevant Ads

The next reason why the value of a small ad CPC is Advertisement is irrelevant to the content of the article discussed. it is also not clear how the technique of calculation but some experienced publishers mention this is one factor CPC value for the relevant ads will be very small.

B. How to Secure Google Adsense CPC Value?

I often get information in the form of a direct complaint from some bloggers my acquaintance why CPC Google Adsense value that he has very small, Indonesian blogs but his CPC value is no more even sometimes less than $ 0.05,

Of course the value for CPC Indonesia I think is small and is below normal, because of my other friend, for the same topic produces a CPC value of at least 0.1x $ and an average of 0.12 $ is sometimes way above that, I think big enough, is not it!

So what about the secret so that the CPC value for Indonesian blog to optimal?

To get the optimal CPC value (at least> = 0.1x $) for Indonesian language blog there are some things you can try as follows:

1: Serve really good Quality Content

Quality content is the content of articles that really intended for the end of your blog is not a search engine even though in it you can just put on page SEO optimization so that the article is easily found in search engine results.

Content is actually said to be of quality if it is very informative, making a satisfied reader without having to search for other sources for the topic being discussed.

To create quality content you can describe the topic in detail, at length, so that at least can generate word count = 1000 words and above it will be very good, also serve content with clear sub-subtitle so that the article navigation becomes better, the article with subtitles will be able to make the article not boring and can help readers look for the parts they are interested in to the point.

The lengthy article will increase the dwell time so that it will be able to increase the authority of the relevant articles so that it will be considered a quality article in the eyes of Google search engine not only can cause the article to be prioritized to find the best position but can increase the value of CPC ads Adsense on the article.

If you experience the same CPC value of your small AdSense account, please check back about what the content of the blog article you are presenting, is it arbitrary or maybe the information is very short and the number of words is small?

2: Build organic traffic to your blog as much as possible

Organic traffic is traffic generated by visitors or blog visitors who come purely sourced from a google search engine.

It is actually a lot of factors that affect the size of the CPC, I once discussed with a blogger as well as publisher Google Adsense, for the affairs of the visitor he was able to bring or attract visitors to his blog to 20,000 visitors or visitors in just 6 months.

But he himself admitted that even though his visitors have tens of thousands, his Adsense revenue is still minimal, he complained the cause is very small CPC value, below 0.05 $. even blog top-level domain almost did not proceed or want to in non-switch it because less produce and want to switch to affiliate marketing which is arguably pretty she said.

Inquired to have a visitor's survey was mostly dominated by non-organic visitors, most of his visitors are sourced from social media, and the way he gets so many visitor traffic is by share each article to some social media that already has many followers or like.

the conclusion turned out non organic traffic really can reduce the value of CPC, and this I also experienced myself, a few months I never integrate one of my blog with Facebook, I make facebook fan page then I install widget like facebook box on the blog page I, a few months indeed the blog is able to bring traffic from social media facebook, but I was surprised because the day CPC Adsense value is getting smaller almost below $ 0.05% even an average of $ 0.04 only.

When I read in some forums finally I realized that there is something wrong with what I do is about sharing to social media, I finally dislodged my Facebook facebook widget from my blog and I removed the fan page. and it is true that CPC values are starting to creep up again.

C. Conclusion

Actually a lot of factors that can affect your Google Adsense revenue, but Adsense itself never explain it in detail, in general tips for success in Google Adsense we can get from references of bloggers who have experienced in across the world google Adsense, hopefully, articles about The Secrets of Optimizing Google AdSense CPC Value is helpful.


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