Understanding Domain Authority and Page Authority On Blog

Understanding the domain authority and page authority or commonly called DA and PA become a reference level of quality of a blog since the news circulated that Google no longer updates PageRank.

Google famous PageRank it seems to have died, or Google itself is no longer rely on PageRank as a determinant of the quality of the website or blog. Google PageRank gives the number 10 as the highest PageRank, To get PageRank from google the only party from Google that determines.

After Google PageRank is not heard the latest updates, now the domain authority and page authority into alternative Google PR replacement.

A web or blog has a good quality value if DA or PA have high Value, for the value of DA and PA itself set the number 100 as the highest number. Unlike the Google, PR is only up to 10 only.

Domain authority and page authority can be seen every month, different from Google PageRank which is not clear when the update time, we can even see the increase Domain authority and page authority at any time, the problem sooner or later the rate of increase DA or PA depends on our own. Can be seen for details and full explanation in the continuation of this article.

Understanding domain authority

Domain Authority commonly called the Domain Authority is a measure of the power of a domain name in the eyes of a search engine (google, bing, yahoo, etc.). Domain Authority can be based on 3 factors namely domain age, Popularity, and Size. By having 3 factors the web/blog will easily get a high ranking in the search results.

1. Age domain
Age or age of a domain becomes a determinant in High or low its DA value, the longer the domain is active and survive, the higher the DA value. This shows that the owner of the domain is very consistent with the domain management.

2. The popularity of a domain 
In the value of the number of incoming links (Inbound links) from a quality site, Inbound links can be interpreted to give recommendations to your own site (backlink) this way can be obtained by participating in commenting on other blogs (blog walking), or active in a forum. This proven powerful to boost visitor traffic and strengthen SERP on search results (Search engine).

3. The size of a domain 
Is measured by the number of posts pages that exist on a blog itself, the number of posts or articles of quality will increase the number of inbound links to the web/blog. In contrast to new blogs that are still poor with content or articles.

Understanding Page authority

Page Authority or often called Page Authority describes the popularity of certain pages of sites/blogs found in search engines. A higher Page Authority illustrates the likelihood that a web page/blog appears on search engines.

Note that the authority of the page is related to the page within the site, not the site itself. Sites/blogs with high-value PAs will be better than sites with small PAs and winning competition in search results.

That is why Page authority depends on ourselves, the more consistent we are towards the blog, it will also increase the value of PA from our blog.

How to Increase Page Authority

How to Increase DA and PA
Google always demands the original, quality content in the eyes of Google is an original article, fresh and new and relevant. You can regularly update articles, create quality posts, and create pillar articles for your blog. The importance of a pillar article makes your blog more powerful in the eyes of search engines.

Domain authority and page authority are set at 0 - 100, the higher the DA and PA, the higher the site.

How to check Domain authority dan page authority

DA and PA are set at 0 - 100, the higher the DA and PA, the higher the site. You can use one of the site addresses below to find out how high the DA and PA values of your blog are.

Just enter your blog URL to check it.

Or can use Moz bar for Google Chrome and Mozilla.

Addendum: If you use Blogspot, then the Domain authority has a high value (average 90) because it uses a popular subdomain.

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