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How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger?

How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger?

How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger? because I think bloggers would have been familiar with this term. What else you've been accepted as an Adsense publisher.

Click bomb or commonly called invalid click is usually done by a fellow blogger who envies with our blogs. There are also bloggers who deliberately cheat click advertising itself to make a profit.

Impact as bad for us as Adsense publishers are, will our Adsense account got banned and we are no longer allowed to be publishers of advertising from Google. that is why the word baned highly feared by bloggers who are already believed to be an Adsense publisher.

A little tip of to shy away from bomb-click one is don't just spread your blog link in forums that indeed we are not exactly sure it's safe or not. especially forum Blogger and Adsense.

Because Adsense bloggers and forums the average already know the ins and outs of her blog how. b…

SEO tips to get your website to the top of Google search

SEO tips to get your website to the top of Google search - Topic this time I will discuss SEO Website, which will make your site rank # 1 or at least 10 major in the search engine of Google.

SEO is a technique of optimizing the pages of the site, to be on the page/position of one Google as I have explained in the post definition of SEO, and SEO is also a very good technique to promote your product on the internet, or just for blogging.

I'm not very smart in the preliminaries, for that I'll just discuss the title above.

How To SEO Website Make Google Ranking Site 1

You need to know there is a Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that makes your site or page, in more relevant value so that it can provide a value + on your site, and result in high ranking sites on Google.

This is also what I will discuss in this post if you follow this guide well and correctly, I am sure your site can rank at least TOP 10, but with the condition, I do not provide warranty, if the site you are optim…

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner for the First Time

Google Keyword Planner is one of the free tools commonly used by bloggers for keyword research. Unfortunately, this device is not friendly for the person who first used it.

Instead of knowing a number of keywords, the person will "fall" into the page creating the first AdWords ad campaign. Wonder, dizziness, and irritation will usually be experienced by those who enter the page.

How not, its purpose is to know the volume of a search of a keyword and its relevant keywords, even as if "ordered" create an ad campaign that must be paid by credit card.

Oh yes, the example of the page I mean is like this.

Well, for those of you who will use the Google Keyword Planner for the first time and don't want to "fall" into the page above, follow the steps below.

1. Visit the Google Keyword Planner ( )

2. Click Sign in and enter your Gmail address and password.

3. You will see the Welcome to Google AdWords page. This is wher…

How to add Meta Keyword Automatically and Manually for Bloggers.

How to add Meta Keywords Automatically and Manually for Blogs - Hello friend reader. On the occasion of this article, I want to share with Blogger friends how to add or create automatic and manual meta keywords on Blogger.

Actually, search engines no longer use meta keywords as a determinant of blog article rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). However, I want to share this for all who are want to put meta keywords on your blog.

Before I proceed to the tutorial on installing meta keywords on a blog, it's good to know first what meta keywords are. Following is the discussion.
What is the Definition of Meta Keywords?  The Meta Keyword Functions To Provide Website Keyword / Keyword Information. Like, "Learning SEO, SEO Guidelines, Internet Marketing,".

Meta keywords are a tag or code to allow search engines to know what keywords or keywords are targeted by the installer. In essence, meta keywords are used so that the installer's blog article can be found in …

10+ Keyword Types To Increase Sales Conversions from Google Search Engine

10+ Keyword Types To Increase Sales Conversions from Google Search Engine - What kind of keyword to increase the sales conversion from Google Search Engine? In the world of SEO (there are several types of keywords that can increase sales conversions, implementing keywords like this will provide benefits for the online business.

Keywords that many searches on Google is not necessarily directly proportional to sales conversions. For online business people should not only focus on the keywords that many searches on Google, but focus on keywords that conversing good.

Usually, high converting keywords are keyword specific and generally long (long tail keywords). While long keywords are not much of a search, they are typically used by potential buyers.

Keyword Type to Increase Sales Conversion
There are actually many different types of keywords that can improve conversions. However, there are six types of keywords that are most commonly used by internet users when they are browsing and are usua…

Understanding SEO and Benefits of Search Engine Optimization For Your Business

What is SEO? Most bloggers and internet marketers would already know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Understanding SEO is a series of efforts made by a webmaster on a website that aims to improve the visibility of a website page to be better in search engines, especially Google.

Web pages that rank well on Google search pages will certainly have the opportunity to get more potential visitors continuously for free. When we type in a keyword in the Google search page, we will see a list of websites related to the keyword. A well-optimized website/blog that is on the top (position 1 - 4) will usually get more visitors compared to websites that are at the bottom of the search results.

We need to note, I mean by a website/blog that is well optimized from the SEO side is the website that is in the order of organic search results (Organic Search). Not a website that advertises on Google (Google Ads).

All businesses must have a profit, right? Various ways employers do to increase the prof…

Tips to find the most searched article keywords

Tips to find the most searched article keywords - Tips to find Keywords to create a post on the Blog that much sought. Hello good morning buddy Blogger all, back again on this day I will share about How to see article writing on the internet the most widely in a search by using several ways. This article was created because many are asking me and there is a request for how to find the right keywords with Keyword Research.

I started blogging until now to make writing never use a certain tool like other bloggers. Friends can see in my article the following: Tips to get the IDE to write on BLOG / WEB in order to make ARTICLES every day. All the writing ideas I get from daily life activities ranging from Personal Skill, Daily Activities to activities in Mesos and the Internet.

I am currently trying to better find keywords in google the most searched. Sometimes if we already get the keyword by using a particular tool the feeling of lazy writing that appears because we do not master the mater…

Reasons Why Bloggers Need to Update and Republish Old Content

Reasons Why Bloggers Need to Update and Republish Old Content- In this case, it means to re-post is, makes updates of old content that we have ever written before then update the date of the post. So indirectly, the content will turn into new content without having to create completely new content. One of the things that must be considered in this effort is not to change the URL address of the content. Because if we change the URL of the content, indirectly the content will be considered entirely new without considering the previous position of the content that has been recorded in the search engine. Especially if this old content already has a backlink, of course very fond if we lose the link. And here are some reasons why we need to re-post old content. 1. Utilizing Google AlgorithmOne of the most important updates of Google’s search engine algorithms in recent years is how Google not only looks at the exact keyword but also sees the semantic keyword. A little explanation, an exact key…

7 Preparation Before Going To The Business World, In order for SuccessIs Not Just a Dream

7 Preparation Before Going To The Business World, In order for Success, Is Not Just a Dream

What are the preparations before jumping into the business world to watch out for? The business world is indeed one of the career paths that everyone dreams of. In addition to promising financially a success, success in the business world can also raise a person's prestige.

But we can not deny that to succeed in the business world is not an easy matter. Formal education also can not guarantee success in the business world.

Not to mention the many challenges that must be faced, competition, and shadow of failure and bankruptcy that often haunt. Fear like this can affect a lot of spirit of someone to start plunge into the world of business.

Especially for those who do not have a background in the business world, it will face a very difficult challenge to be successful. Well, in this article I want to share a little about 7 preparations before plunging into the business world, in order to be succe…