2 Types of Banned Google Adsense What You Should Be Watchful Of

2 Types of Banned Google Adsense - The best way to explore and engage in the Adsense world in order to survive is to learn and anticipate every cause of banned, not a few people who have long been involved in the world of Adsense and new publishers are banned because of several factors both internal and external factors, so you more understand the factors that cause banned on Google Adsense, you can read "Know and be wary of banned on Google Adsense

Actually there are 2 types of banned that usually happens on Google Adsense we are banned from the site or blog and the second is banned on Adsense account, banned on the site or blog it seems we are still given the opportunity to fix and appeal for our blog reactivated in order to install Adsense ads, but if banned occur on Adsense account, you should not think to appeal, what we should think if it happens as it is planning and preparing to apply for a new Adsense account, because usually if banned happen to Adsense account means complete history Adsense us, very unlikely we can appeal.

Here are some types of Adsense baned you should know:

1. Banned Site or Blog (Banned Adsense Site level)

Banned sites or blogs usually occur because our blog contains contents that violate or not in accordance with TOS Google Adsense, consequently Adsense ads do not want to appear and not allowed to appear on the blog or site, banned like this we can usually fix and afterward we can appeal to the AdSense team for the blog can display ads again.

If indeed our blog does not meet the requirements or violate the terms usually Adsense team will send us an email from Google with the title "Google AdSense ad serving has been disabled to your site" it means that the blog or site violates the policy and should not be fitted Adsense ads.

How to avoid banned Site or blo

To avoid banned sites or blogs, this we can control well, ie re-check every article writing do not get any words that violate or not in accordance with Adsense policy, check every comment in. There may be a comment name and comment content containing the words. words that are not allowed by Google Adsense and the last do not ever consciously create an article that is not in accordance with Google Adsense policy.

If we find things like the above should we fix it after you sure everything is fixed, then you can appeal to the blog can be installed ads Adsense again? to file an appeal or appeal please go to the appeal page google Adsense, and fill in the requested data, on the form provided.

Remember appeals can only be done if banned happens to the blog or site that we have not banned on account if banned happen to Adsense account, then chances are we can appeal, you have to think is planning to create a new AdSense account, will very tiring indeed ... so ... always alert anticipation and be careful in playing Adsense.

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2. Banned Adsense Account (Banned Account Level)

Banned Adsense account occurs because we as a publisher is considered outrageous in committing a violation of Google Adsense policy. such as clicking on yourself intentional or unintentional, if 1 click google sometimes has a tolerance and can regard it as accidental click, but if it happens often it can be considered intentional.

Which can lead to banned Adsense account:

1. You are considered to click on your own ads, whether intentional or not, should always be careful.

2. You are detected as if asking someone else to click on ads, this could be the cause is not intentional, such as manually share to facebook carelessly, or send by email in large quantities. if the source of the user of the media often does click the ads then it can be considered as if you asked others to click ads, so be careful.

3. Click bombs Although sophisticated Adsense systems against click bombs will usually activate the smart pricing system automatically, click bombs can be the cause of AdSense ads getting abnormal actions marked by the swelling of CTR (click an ads comparison), even CTR more than 100%, which means the number of clicks more than the number of ads running, would be very dangerous and can cause banned, because the normal average CTR must be below 5%.

Any clever way you cheat should avoid intending to click on your own because, in the end, it will definitely 

is known, Google Adsense is very smart and managed by thousands of professional employees, our pettiness is certainly not difficult to detect, so never done unless you are ready with the risks.

Banned Adsense account is the worst because we will be very difficult to appeal, and the risk of Google Adsense ads will never run again on any blog, and that means you will not be able to earn more revenue from Adsense, besides you will be in blacklist by Adsense and will never be allowed to register again to Google Adsense publisher, except using different users and emails and you should be considered a different user.

But unfortunately it will be a little difficult, because to identify an Adsense user using smart ways and sometimes using help from other accounts, for example, you often log into the same facebook, you use the same computer, you use the same IP address, same mac address, although your email and user id are different you may be considered the same person for doing the same activity. so it would be very difficult to use a different identity for those of you who happen to have banned Adsense.

That is some kind of Google Adsense Banned Types What you should know, know the type of Adsense banned at least can be a valuable reference for us who want to play safe with Google Adsense, because I'm sure for new publisher is still a lot of sometimes unknown, therefore always do a safe way for your Google Adsense account to last a long time. may be useful.

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