3 Causes of Banned AdSense Blog Most Frequently Occurred

3 Causes of Banned AdSense Blog Most Frequently Occurred - For the owner of an AdSense account, it is appropriate to read, understand and comply with Google AdSense program policies so that the blog and also its AdSense account is safe from banned.

But sometimes either because less conscientious or what many bloggers who do actions violate the policy of Google AdSense program so that blog or website banned.

Still lucky if only blogs are banned, if until the account is banned, it's over ...

Actually, a lot of violations that could lead to blog banned AdSense, but from experience I run the services of JV AdSense for more than 2 years, at least there are 3 types of violations that most often occur.

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1. Wrong labeling ads

The first violation is due to an error in labeling the ad. An ad label is the ad title that is usually placed above the ad.

Examples like this:

the correct label ads

Google AdSense only permits to use labels/titles with the words "Advertisement" and "Sponsored Links". In addition to these labels are not allowed, especially labels that can mislead visitors, such as instructing visitors to click on ads.

Examples like this:

Wrong Advertising Labels

This violation may also occur due to an accident. For example, my friend put an ad near writing that resembles a title.

To avoid this violation:
  • Be sure to use only the "Ads" and "Sponsored Links" labels

  • Or better to not put an ad label at all

  • Do not place ads near posts that resemble titles.

2. Overlapping Ads and Content

The second violation is due to overlapping ads and content.

This violation occurs because the installed ads are covered by the content or it could be otherwise, the content is covered by the ad.

Examples like this:

Ads are Covered by Content

From the banned case I experienced the violation occurred because the ads appear on the post, while the post is very short. By AdSense, these ads are considered to cover the content.

To avoid this violation:
  • Avoid advertising under the drop-down navigation menu

  • Do not place ads adjacent to other ads

  • Do not use floating widgets

  • Do not place ads on content if the content is small

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3. Ads Installed on Search Pages

There is actually no prohibition to advertise on the search page, but putting an ad on the search page indirectly can cause a violation.

Such violations usually occur because of the fun of visitors who enter the keyword incorrectly in the search form.

For example, visitors type the keyword "adult story" in the search form, usually, the keyword will appear in the URL and also on the search page.

Well if the URL and its search page detected by Google AdSense then it will be considered as a violation.

To avoid this violation:

Do not place ads on search pages

That's the list of three causes of AdSense banned blogs that most often occur.

If my friend has experience banned for violations other than those I have mentioned above, do not forget to share via comments.


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