8 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Must Installed to Boost Your SEO

8 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress - To increase the power of SEO WordPress blog we definitely need an SEO plugin, which is where the role of this plugin really helps us to SEO optimization. one of them with SEO plugin that I share following, you need to know almost all WordPress users use an SEO plugin to set their SEO strategy . with the WordPress plugin would be easier to do optimization in managing WordPress blog. and on this occasion, I will share the 8 best SEO plugins for WordPress blog optimization . with the support of this plugin is expected WordPress site performance can get ranking in search results following this SEO plugin that you must have for your WordPress website.


SEO pressor plugin is a premium plugin that you can use to handle optimization on your WordPress blog. this plugin is deliberately sold premium because the features that are carried in this plugin is very complete for a WordPress blog, using SEO pressor plugin you will not need another SEO plugin. but if you want to use another plugin. so pressor can be directly compatible and side by side with other plugins. this is what makes this plugin very liked by WordPress users.

SEO Pressor

Main feature:
  • Supports keyword LSI

  • There is an SEO score for every post and this as your reference to predict SEO in every post

  • Automatic Internal Links

  • Automatic cloaking of external links

  • Supports to edit description

  • SEO Image Optimization

  • Dublin Core meta tag support Facebook Open Graph, Twitter and google plus

  • Automatic Tag Generator

  • Analysis 3 Target keywords

  • Post slug optimization


Yoas SEO

The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast puts a second SEO plugin that is widely used by WordPress users. This plugin also provides premium and free. and you can have it right now. many say that WP plugin is very helpful for WordPress blog owners. and myself love the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.

Main feature
  • Import and export. This feature will be very useful if you have multiple sites, you need to configure the plugin on one of your sites and import settings for all other websites.

  • Support Breadcrumbs For Internal links

  • Optimize RSS feeds

  • XML Sitemaps

  • Facebook Open Graph, Twitter dan google plus

  • Analysis of the page by using this plugin we can content analysts through analysis with SEO scores and suggestions to improve search engine page optimization.

  • You can edit the .htaccess and robots.txt files of the WordPress dashboard.


Features that have plugin all in one SEO pack almost the same as WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. This SEO plugin also provides premium, if you want your SEO performance better use this plugin to handle your WordPress site. This plugin can also be used for online stores and other sales web.

All In One SEO Pack

Main feature:

  • Includes almost all the features of the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.

  • URL Canonical

  • Advanced Page Navigation links

  • Google analytics support

  • SEO integration for the WordPress e-commerce site


The fourth plugin is also not inferior to another SEO plugin, with support features similar to another SEO plugin SEO Ultimate into a plugin you can use for SEO optimization. you can use this plugin for free that you can download on wordpress.org.


Main feature:
  • Monitor 404: This plugin will monitor your blog for 404 (page not found) error.

  • Code / Script insertion - A panel where you will be able to enter the code and script in the blog header or footer.

  • Build automated internal links - This generates automatic internal links from posts to another post/ category/tags.

  • File Editor - A panel to make it easier for you to edit .htaccess and robots.txt

  • Meta Description Editor

  • Meta Keywords Editor

  • Meta tag Robot Editor

  • Nofollow Manager - You easily set no follow links on categories, tags, authors, feeds, comments, archive pages and more.

  • Slug optimizer

  • Title tag rewriter - this plugin will make SEO friendly post title automatically

  • Import and Export


SEO Friendly Images

Seo Friendly Images is the best and most popular SEO plugin for SEO image plugin. This allows you to automatically add title and Alt tags to your images based on the settings you provide in the configuration page. by using this free plugin you can easily add target keywords in title and alt image tags. It optimizes your blog completely which means you can optimize image seo on every post.


SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links provides automated SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and more. SEO Smart Link will automatically create keyword and phrase links in posts and comments that match your posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. so you will be made easier to create internal links using this plugin. for other options about the internal link, plugins can open the SEO plugin page for internal links.



Broken Link Checker plugin will help you to know broken link (broken link) which consequently is SEO on your site page will be bad for the search engine. by using this plugin we will know which broken links you can fix and which links you should throw away. Broken Link Checker plugin is free and can be found at wordpress.org

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Google XML Sitemaps is one of the best plugins for generating sitemaps automatically for WordPress blogs. Every time you publish a post. This plugin will automatically update to XML sitemap and ping search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You can also exclude certain categories in the sitemap. You can also change the priority of the page and content sitemaps through the very easy configuration screen.


Thus the 8 best plugins for WordPress. although there are many other SEO plugins, the best and popular plugin only on the 8 plugins. if you just started to create a WordPress blog you can use the best WP plugin for self-hosting blog. by using a plugin like this is expected SEO optimization will be easier and no less important SEO performance will further improve our blog site. hopefully, with this article, I share this helpful will also increase your view of the importance of the role of the plugin in building a WordPress site.


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