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Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Grow a Blog - If I used to create a blog all that is free to make a site with Blogger (Hosting is definitely Free), Templates download search for Free and do not buy Domains are still using Blogspot. It turns out it will be useless as I did for 5 years did not produce anything. Far from being expected because everything is instantaneous because the article is a lot of copies here and there. That is what makes me fall into the cliff that will be difficult to achieve the word success.

The first stage I made a blog should make the blog as much as possible and do not use a completely free. Here are some early stage tips when you first build a blog/website.

Name and address of Short-Term Domain BLOG (TLD)

Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Grow a Blog - Creating blog names and blog addresses is easy to Remember. Word in blog address greatly affects the visitor because your site address will be remembered at this time feel comfortable with the article you serve. The shorter the word in the blog address the better and we should check it to sites that sell domains whose prices are already available or not. If available please set and immediately you buy a domain that matches your blog.

Use Premium Templates and Do not Free

The initial stage of creating a blog with a Premium template is mandatory you do so that the article you post is not useless. Many advantages Template Premium, if you want to know the difference please ask on the homepage google, there are many provided the material. With Premium templates then your posts more quickly detect and can compete on the Google homepage. If you use a free one I can make sure as good as any posts you will be hard to compete on the Google homepage.

Editing Blogger Template and listing to blog to Webmaster

Please use the Premium template you buy with reasonable (No need to use many Widgets). Use widgets as needed such as Popular Post, Recent Post, and Blog Label. With a little widget then loading your blog will be fast and much preferred by visitors. To register your blog to the webmaster please you visit here and for how to register please you search on google banya sites that make the tutorial. Create your blog 100% SEO by reading this article.

Create an article every day at least one article

At this stage, many beginner bloggers do not continue blogging because running out of writing ideas. Just like when I first pursue writing on this blog cannot do that. Commitment to writing is the key for you to do blog writing every day. Just like when you work in a company, you are required to enter and work within the time specified by Company Regulations. Bloggers must make these provisions by creating a schedule to write blog articles. That way you will get used to doing it just like when you work.

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