Buying Social Media Followers Is A Bad Idea

Buying Social Media Followers Is A Bad Idea

Buying Social Media Followers Is A Bad Idea - Then, how the alternative to add your REAL followers in social media? Here are some ways to get you followers that are useful for your social media activities:

1. Post something interesting

When you post something interesting on twitter or facebook fans page, REAL followers you will see it and they might just give you likes or retweet what you post. And when friends from your followers see it and are interested, chances are they will follow or give like to your post. This will happen continuously so it will increase the number of your followers and also strengthen your brand.

2. Posting regularly

Posting something on your social media account will make your followers always see and remember you. Most followers You may only see some posts that you do because they also follow a lot of people, this is one of the reasons why you should often post on social media, so you still exist.

3. Follow others

You can get followers by following other accounts. Maybe not everything you follow will follow back but some people you follow will most likely follow your back.

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4. Tell others your social media account

You can tell your friends or business associates about your company's social media account. Can through business cards, or can also through the social media buttons on personal websites or blogs.

5. Socialize well

Social media sites are a way to interact with others, then interact with your followers, do not just post something that only relates to the product you're selling. This kind of post continuously will make your followers and fans feel bored and end up forgetting you.

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6. Consider using Ads

Facebook ads and promoted tweets are a great way to make your content more familiar to others. On facebook ads, your content will be viewed by everyone who matches your desired criteria. As for promoted tweets, more people will see your tweets even though they are not your followers if they like the content you create they will probably also follow you.

And my conclusion is buying social followers and fans on social media is a bad idea and just spend your time and money. Social media activities will be more useful if you are always working to provide quality content and always interact with others.

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