SEO Optimization in 5 Minutes to Achieve Google First Page

SEO Optimization in 5 Minutes to Achieve Google's First Page - Search engine optimization, or commonly known as SEO, is a popular term in the digital marketing world. SEO optimization can be said to work if our website has a good ranking on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for organic search results.

Speaking of SEO optimization, you can imagine if 1 of your product keywords appear on the # 1 page of Google, and the product page is visited by 1000 visitors per day, surely you can predict what will happen? Certainly, your handphone order will not stop ringing.

SEO Optimazion to Be on 1 Google

Ordering comes because Google is displaying your products on the first page! But is it easy to be on page 1 Google?

In practice, not all site owners understand all the technical stuff related to digital marketing. Generally, they need the help of digital marketing consultants to handle their online campaigns.

However, of course, the site owner must provide a fee that is not small to recruit a consultant or work with a digital marketing agency to manage the marketing of the site they build.

UpToPromo Offers Solutions

UpToPromo sees this constraint as a potential business opportunity. With the experience of managing over 100,000 SEO projects spread across Russia, Poland, Thailand, Hongkong and Indonesia, UpToPromo which is part of SEOPULT.RU's multinational SEO group and then creates an automated SEO solution tool that is easier to operate by layman though.

Automatic SEO services UpToPromo is an off page SEO optimization solution by using rapid backlink diversification for optimization of your site in TOP 10 Great on Google search. From this service, you will enjoy how SEO optimization is easy, fast and effective by simply selecting keywords, and let the system work.

With Automated UpToPromo SEO Tools you just simply spend 5 minutes on your website SEO optimization settings to get to the first page of Google.

Give me easy steps you can take for SEO optimization using Uptopromo services:

1. Register at

In this stage, you only need to enter the email and password that will be used to login to your account in

2. Add an optimization project

After you have finished registering, a page to add to the project will appear. To add a new project, you must enter the URL address.

3. Project Settings

Selecting keywords - After you enter the site for optimization, the system will automatically index your site, search and provide keywords/keywords that match your site.
Projects - To add an optimization project, the system will create a list of the keywords that best fit your site to get your site into the Top 10 Google rankings.
Create keywords - You can also enter your own keywords by typing them in a text box or uploading a list of keywords, then click "Add". Once you've set up your keyword list, do not forget to click "Add All". Finally, you can return to this option to add, subtract or edit selected keywords.

4. Budget Optimization

After the addition of keyword lists, the system will set each keyword for the anchor, the most appropriate URL and Budget page for keyword optimization.

Budget optimization starts from $3 for 1 keyword and optimization for 1 month

5. Start Optimization

To enable optimization you only need to do top ups worth a total budget + tax 10%. Unlike other SEO agencies, UpToPromo has the following advantages:
  • You do not need to understand SEO technical

  • It does not cost a lot to hire an SEO expert / SEO Agency

  • There is no doubt as to whether the results of keyword optimization will work because UpToPromo displays the

  • results of LIVE keyword optimization

  • The budget required is very flexible

  • Report keyword movement Very Easy to see because it is shown in Graph

  • You are not bound by any contract

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You can start setting up your website SEO Optimization easily and quickly, in just over 5 minutes with UpToPromo now. Only by registering at for free then this tool will help make your website there page 1 Google for you.

Good luck!


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