SEO tips to get your website to the top of Google search

SEO tips to get your website to the top of Google search - Topic this time I will discuss SEO Website, which will make your site rank # 1 or at least 10 major in the search engine of Google.

SEO is a technique of optimizing the pages of the site, to be on the page/position of one Google as I have explained in the post definition of SEO, and SEO is also a very good technique to promote your product on the internet, or just for blogging.

I'm not very smart in the preliminaries, for that I'll just discuss the title above.

How To SEO Website Make Google Ranking Site 1

You need to know there is a Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that makes your site or page, in more relevant value so that it can provide a value + on your site, and result in high ranking sites on Google.

This is also what I will discuss in this post if you follow this guide well and correctly, I am sure your site can rank at least TOP 10, but with the condition, I do not provide warranty, if the site you are optimizing is not successful ranking.

However, this is an SEO technique that I often use to make my articles or posts rank high on Google.

So what are the things that make your site or high ranking page on Google

Keyword Research: Search for keywords that most often typed of people on search engines, and target the keyword for the optimization in order to rank high.
On Site SEO: The technique of optimizing the site to look more relevant in terms of articles and content, and to make it easier for Google to make your site rank with your target keywords.
Off Site SEO: The technique of optimizing the site from outside using Backlink, it can push the position of your site on search engines.
Like Post Social Media: More like your articles in Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and it also affects the sites or pages you are optimizing.

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Good and True Keyword Research

The important thing from SEO is Keyword Reseach, Keyword Research is the activity of searching for keywords that many people search on Google. 

Keyword Planner Menu

This makes the site you optimize to be more useful and want to see people, because keyword research is like this, Example: you have a site about "drug repellent fly" you named "drug" then, do not target your site to rank with the keyword "drug" but the target keyword "drug repellent fly" so that your site a lot in search of people and ranking with these keywords.

Obviously, it will make the site would be seen people even buy your product. Another example like this, I am NOT targeting this site ranking with the keyword "Rudi Nazar" because of its domain like that, but my target is the keyword of the Title Tag is "Learning SEO" and "SEO Expert".

So I personally not so concerned with the domain name, although, in fact, the domain name should be in accordance with the target keyword as I explain in Product E-SEO Special Free Member.

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How to Keyword Research is Good and True

Actually, I've written a post on Keyword Research please you read here "how to research keywords" in the article I have explained in detail about how to research keywords using Google Planner.

how to seo website

I also want to add a bit of the article, if there is actually an additional tool to do keyword research that is using ubersuggest, this tool can help find keywords to search back in Google Planner.

How to use it is quite easy, you just need to enter the keyword in the target, then select country "Indonesia", and type "web". then input captcha and select "suggest".

Then you will find a variety of keywords to research in Google Planner. After doing keyword research do not forget to target 2 to 5 keywords that you think are relevant and have high page views, to be optimized for the next step.

Make sure you know how to Keyword Research so that you can target keywords that really will bring a lot of traffic.

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On-Site SEO is Powerful For High Ranking

On-Site or On-Page, SEO is the same thing that means to optimize the site from within, or in terms of articles, content, etc., as I mentioned above.

There are several On-Site SEO factors that you need to consider other than I have described in the post-Basic SEO, including:

1. Site Speed
2. Relevance  
3. Easy Site on Crawl  
4. OutBound and InBound Link 
5. The Visitor Looms on Your Site

1.  Site Speed

The first thing that becomes powerful On-Site SEO factor is Site speed, Fast loading sites are good sites, and will be rated well by Google.
There are some things I know and will make the site load faster ...

First is to use Themes which is light and fast to load, as my site uses simple themes and of course FREE! namely Iconic from Themonic.

In addition, there are many free WordPress Themes that you can use like Woothemes or Themes from Sites.

If you want a super powerful theme, I suggest using Themes Thesis or Genesis.

But I think it does not matter Themes what is important is that themes help speed up loading sites.

Second Place hosting is nice and fast, this is a very important thing for On-Site SEO, I suggest do not ever buy hosting in any place if you want the high ranking in Google, but buy hosting that has a server fast and never down.

Because if you buy a hosting server is often down, then do not expect a good ranking for your site.

Honestly, I am personally very dissatisfied with hosting providers in India, because several times I tried and always found the server down, and this finally made me have to move to host to HostGator.

So Make sure you do not experience the same thing with me, and make sure also your hosting provider never down.

Third, there are no ads on your site, learning

I honestly really hate sites that have MANY ads, because the site will be very heavy to load.

learning technique serp

so even if your site is an advertising publisher (PPC), make sure the site is easy to load, because Google does not like sites that have many ads.

2. Relevance

You definitely know the task of search engines, that is, find content that is relevant to the keywords that people are looking for.

For example like this, you search on Google with the keyword "selling clothes" then surely that will appear in the position of one Google is a site that sells clothes, if that appears is the site "sell fish" of course it will make Google, to leave many people because it does not display relevant search results.

Therefore make sure your site is as relevant as possible with your targeted keywords, by inserting those keywords in, URL, Title Tag, Heading1, and others.

For On Page SEO Techniques I will discuss in next post.

3. Easy on Crawl

The easy site Crawl by Google is a good site, which means that the site is easy to use in Crawl by Google Spider.
The function or task of the Crawl itself is Google Spider or Googlebot will come to your site and will check the entire contents of the site, well .. and if your site is difficult for the robot to crawl your site. this will also make it difficult for your site to rank high on Google.

So make sure your site is easy in the Crawl by Google, in the way there is no page errors or broken links, you can also use Google Webmaster Tools to analyze it.

4. InBound and OutBound links

Google likes sites that link to sites or pages that are relevant to the topic, as it will make it easier for visitors to find more and more info.

Therefore make sure to an article or your page, there are links to relevant sites and have a high PR, such as Wikipedia,, and others.

5. The Visitor Looms on Your Site

This can also be called the User experience, Search Engines are very smart, they can tell if your site visitors, just stop for 5 seconds or stop by long and click on other posts.

So make sure your site can make visitors feel at home, in a way, your site is easy to load, has a good look, there are not many ads and others.

If most visitors are already at home on your Blog, this will also increase the position of your site on search engines.

Off-Site SEO (Link Sakti To Raise Ranking)

Seo Website Techniques

Off-Site or Off Page SEO (Backlink) is a common and very obligatory thing applied by SEO practitioners because with backlinks your site can Rank High on Google with your target keywords.

If you have a lot of backlinks, then the greater the power to rank you get depends on the type of backlink you get.

There are several things to note in building a backlink because backlinks can create high ranking sites or vice versa.
1. Links From Non-Optimized PR Site
2. Links From Sites that Get Google Penalty
3. Links Of The Hated Sites Goole
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1. Links From Non-Optimized PR Site

PR n / a or Page Rank Non-Available is a site that is rarely updated (the site is quiet/dead) and does not have homework, chances are this site will not bring the power of links to your site.

So do not let you get a link, or link to the site, because it will only lower your position on search engines.

REMEMBER: what I mean here is an n / a PR site that is NOT optimized at all, not an optimized PR site.

2. Links From Sites that Get Google Penalty

Sites subject to Google's penalties must be sites that violate Google's rules, such as over optimization or have malicious scripts and these sites only deliver viruses.

So Google penalty the site, so no one is affected.

3. Links To The Hated Sites Goole

What kind of site is Google hates? namely porn sites, gambling, and so forth. Google really hates sites like that.

so make sure you do not get backlinks from, Google's hated sites, Penalty affected sites and unoptimized homepage / dead sites. 

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Like Post Social Media

Ranking Factors from Like Post Social Media may be found on this site, but the fact is true, like from social media is also a factor that makes your site rank high in Google.

The more people in Social Media who like your articles, the more likely your articles are ranked in Google.

The question is, how to get the post from social media?

how to blog my personal blog usually do that, with share articles in various social media, such as Facebook,

How to SeoWebsite With Easy

Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and many more.

Or you can install the Digg-Digg Plugin for your WordPress site so there will be a Like button on the left side of the article, like on my site, it aims to make it easier for visitors to like, or men with our articles.

SEO is Easy, Not Difficult!

Now I want you to apply the SEO way website I have given, and make your site rank at least 10 major with your target keywords, because honest SEO is easy, depending on how we think and use it.

So do not think SEO is something that is difficult and horrible, because if you think like that, there you are even confusion like I used to 🙂 when learning SEO. So Happy when doing SEO and do not make the burden, and one more thing you need to remember.

"If you want a high ranking site on Google, you need ACTION or ACTION, because you can NOT rank highly, just by READING TUTORIAL"

If you want to update the article on other SEO, do not forget to "Subscribe" and I want to tell you, that I have a Product about SEO techniques and SEO Guide super powerful, which I use to optimize the site, ranking with any keyword I want, if you are interested please click here to see it.

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