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How to Permanently Delete an Instagram Account

How to Permanently Delete an Instagram Account - Instagram is one of the most popular social media at the moment. Almost everyone uses it, including you, right? But, have you ever felt bored and didn't want to play Instagram again for some reason? Either because it's too disturbing privacy or a lot of content that you don't like. Of course, there are many reasons that usually make you lazy to play Instagram again. One way you can do not open Instagram again is to deactivate or delete your Instagram account. How to? See the following. This is how to delete an Instagram account via web or smartphone. How to delete an Instagram account via the web For those of you who want to disable or delete your Instagram account , there are many ways you can do it, one of which is to delete it via the web using a laptop or PC. This is how to delete an Instagram account via the web that you can try. Go to the page. Select the 'Manage Your Account' menu.

Tips for choosing Cheap Domain and Hosting 2019

Top Level Domain There are many companies that already offer their services in providing the best quality web hosting. In addition, there are also some people who are active in the world of the internet offering how to get a free Domain or where to buy cheap and best domains. Actually, what is the meaning of the domain and hosting itself? Both have similarities which are the same as the term known in the world of the Web, where the difference is that the Domain is a unique name created to make it easier for site users to search for a web page. Whereas for Hosting itself is the place where the website and domain live. Based on the benefits, whether the domain or hosting is very influential on the continuity of the activities of the bloggers. Hosting has a function to store all the data in our blog as a very valuable asset. You can just imagine when months and even years of writing articles, editing writing, editing the display and also posting pictures if we lose all the data, i

On page SEO Optimization on Blog, Complete

On page SEO Optimization on Blog is one factor of 200+ factors that play a role in increasing page rank, SEO optimization on the same behavior, both blogs are made with blogger platforms, WordPress platforms or other platforms, the better on-page SEO optimization, blogs will have opportunities better to be displayed on the first page of the SERP. Actually to do seo on page which is preferred by search engines is very easy to follow, the important thing is we know how, many steps we can take, all of which are focused on how to manage the code structure of the site from within the site, so that it is preferred by search engines . Steps to Do On page SEO Optimization To be able to do SEO On page optimization on the blog, there are a number of steps that you can take: Title Tag  Meta Description  URL address that is made short with easy to understand structure.  Add images to posts (include alt attributes)  H1 Tags for article titles  Keyword placement in the first 100 words