5 SEO Terms You Should Know, Special for Beginners

5 SEO Terms You Should Know, Special for Beginners

5 SEO Terms You Should Know
5 SEO Terms You Should Know – being a blogger does have great challenges. In addition, you have to learn about how to write a good one, you should also learn about SEO is indeed when the initial study is very difficult.

Originally I honestly very difficult to learn how to SEO it. Although right now I'm still not so proficient at least I already know what is SEO. and how to make the article/content to get our SEO friendly with search engine algorithms.

To learn the SEO is not as easy to turn the Palm of the hand. and indeed I should learn from some reference to blog and do some experiments directly on my blog. then I understand the application of SEO it's how and what its benefits to our blogs.

After I learn what is SEO, it turns out there is a lot of terms-still that we have to know and understand In SEO. Why do we have to know the terms SEO? so that we might understand and get instructions to learn SEO. especially for beginners like me.

In the following I will describe 5 Seo Terms you should Know:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Initially, I was confused as to what exactly the meaning of 3 letters above. because I read and follow the specific group blog at social media. When the blog we want to quickly emerge search dimension Yes we have to learn SEO. and after I read and continue to learn SEO turns it is search engine optimization. so it was the efforts of SEO blog owners to optimize their blogs so easily found with search engines involve things like search engines.

2. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO and off-page SEO is a term that you must understand when you want to plunge to Earth blogger. because SEO is very closely related to how the blog in order to make her blog easy to find dimension search.

So, in fact, what is SEO On-page and Off-page SEO?

On-page SEO is everything every effort conducted outside of the blog by involving the factors that favored search engine. starting from how to write an SEO friendly article, how to choose and create a template that is SEO friendly.

While SEO Off-page is everything done outside the blog but still give the effect on your blog. example of SEO Off-page is Offline and online promotions. building backlinks and stuff.

3. Backlinks, internal links, and external links

The next term is the Backlink, internal links, and external links. This term also we often hear. Moreover, for many novice bloggers who suggested to build backlinks blog so that we can easily bring a visitor.


A backlink is a link that leads to your blog but that link came from other people's blogs. the existence of backlinks in a blog is very important. because backlinks are supported against your blog. because a blog has a very easy backlink found dimension seekers.

Internal links

Internal links are links between articles in the same blog. We see on almost any blog. it applies the internal links. example of internal links is when we read a blog we often find the term read also, or direct active link that aims to provide information to the reader that there is information still relates to the articles they read. and readers can simply click on the link without having to see our articles one by one.

The purpose of internal links is generally is to enhance the pageview on our blog. so try to make internal links to articles that are still relevant dependencies.

External links

External links are links that we plant: us, but when clicked on by visitors to the blog will lead to someone else's blog. not much different with internal links. the function of the external links is to provide additional information or to let you know we take reference articles from which

4. The SERP

I was initially confused when there is a friendly blogger says SEO SERP would dimension seekers. The term SEO course still puzzled in fact there is a new term. so after I learned that the SERP is a term turned out the search results of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

As an example, when you want to find information from google then it is called SERP.

5. Pageview and Visitor

Some blogger beginners still often equate between pageview and visitor. just like I used to when the new blog.

After I learn pageview is the number of blog page opened by the visitor or visitors. While the visitor is a visitor to your blog. so when a visitor to your blog just opens the page blog only. so your blog is one pageview. so the more page blog that opened then you will be more blog pageview corpulent. You should remember is.

The number of page views will never be less than the number of visitors.

Actually a lot of SEO terms you should understand as a blogger, and learn the SEO is actually very easy. the key you avid reader and diligent practice SEO experiment to it directly.

If you have another SEO term. Please added a comment. may be useful


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